About Me

Hello everyone!!

My name is Courtney Birtell!  You may remember me from blogging on www.oneboredmommy.com since 2009.
Our family went through a lot of changes over the past four 1/2 years.

I went from being a stay at home married mom, to a working single mom of four, and finally, dating & becoming engaged to be married again this year.  WE GOT MARRIED ON May 6, 2017!

Blogging had to be on the back burner for me, while I found a job and started working outside the home (after 12 years of being a Stay At Home Mommy), while also trying to maintain some sort of balance with our four beautiful children.  Let's just say...I have been far from bored...

We are learning to blend families, me with four kids and him with two kids.  Thankfully, so far they all seem to get along well and we are just adjusting to becoming a family!  I guess that sort of makes us a modern BRADY BUNCH!

I am excited to start blogging again, this time about more things for families who are no longer in the baby phase of life.  The next time we go there, we will be grandparents (and that better be a really long time away from now)...our oldest son is starting high school this fall, we have two in middle school and three in elementary school.  That means 5 different schools this fall!  Along with that, he owns a full time window washing business and I work hard serving delicious food up to patrons who come into Chili's!  Plus, we have a year round baseballer, a dedicated musician, an aspiring actress and so much more...

While we might not be "bored" anymore and our lives are certainly entertaining...as you can imagine with so many children, an adorable chow/lab mix and so many activities to keep us running around like crazy sometimes...we are blessed and we wouldn't change anything!

SO...WELCOME and we can't wait to share our opinions on things and help promote products we love!

Media Experiences:
*The One Bored Mommy Blogspot was given a "FOLLOW FRIDAY" mention on "The Talk" on CBS.
*I was also on a segment of "The Nate Berkus Show" Feb 22, 2011 with Dr. Oz!

* I was also a part of a segment of the "Dr. Oz" Show on April 25, 2011

* I was on a segment of NBC Connecticut 10/8/2011 to promote http://www.grandcamp.com/ 's book.  CLICK HERE to see the entire segment!

*In August 2011 I started blogging (product reviewer) for the Lifetime Network Show "THE BALANCING ACT"

Interviewed as a resource for an article on Parents.com
CLICK HERE to read the article and my mentions!



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