Sunday, December 1, 2019

@SeaWorldSanDiego - #SeaWorldChristmasCelebration - CHECK IT OUT!

Yesterday, the kids and I packed up and headed out fairly early for a drive down to San Diego (my favorite So. Cal city) to enjoy a fun day at SeaWorld!!  
If you were watching my IG yesterday (CLICK HERE) you probably saw stories and "LIVES" from our day at the park.

We were offered five complementary tickets to the park and a parking pass, in return for this review/feature of their holiday festivities.  I was not offered any other monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about our time spent at the park.  All the food, drinks, etc. were purchased on my own accord.

If you can't tell from the looks on my kid's faces, they were pretty excited to get to spend the day, outside, enjoying all the sights and sounds that SEAWORLD SAN DIEGO has to offer us when we visit.  Of course, it is extra special this time of the year, because the park is DECKED OUT for the HOLIDAYS!  
You can't spend time there and not feel the magical Christmas spirit in the air.

Of course, there are always cute animals and fun rides to enjoy...but the things that made this visit unique from our typical SEAWORLD time is the all the CHRISTMAS FUN!

We went to the Sesame Street CHRISTMAS VILLAGE and got to meet some special "SANTA'S HELPERS".  Yes...Santa is there too (but since my kid's already did their Santa Pic with our local mall Santa, we passed on waiting in that line).  Mrs. Claus reads stories, there's fresh cinnamon rolls & donut holes to snack on (added cost) and you can't help but wanna take pictures in such a fun and festive place.

Over by the ARCTIC exhibits, is RUDOLPH'S CHRISTMASTOWN - with cute places to take pictures, and since it's the's already plenty cold with ice, animal exhibits for animals who live in a generally cold environment, etc.  
We even saw the Abominable Snowman and went for an ARCTIC ride.
There are lots of fun NEW shows for this Christmas Season too...

We managed to get into the second showing of the Cirque Christmas show.  This show is truly entertaining and so much fun.  A little short, considering the wait time to make sure we got a seat (we waited over an hour and half), but still super incredible.  
Some of these acrobatics will make you hold your breath.

We checked out the CHRISTMAS show "DOLPHIN ISLAND CHRISTMAS" which was so much fun.  The gal singing the music before the show started, got the audience involved in the show and the kid's smiling and laughing!  
Of course, the DOLPHINS did an incredible job entertaining us and we had to go say hello after the show.  We even got a little "SPECIAL SPLASH" as we were leaving the amphitheater by on of these friendly water friends.

For the first time, we snuck out to the Bay area and enjoyed a picture in Santa's Sled.

As it turned to evening...we headed over to watch our favorite CLYDE AND SEAMORE CHRISTMAS Show...this time again Christmas Themed!  
And always so dang cute!  We love those Sea Lions. 
They are always so entertaining.

The park looks incredible at night.  
All the lights, trees and decorations make it a truly magical place.

Our last stop of the night (after we grabbed some hot chocolate and cookies) was to our RESERVED SEATS (a perk of blogging) for the "WINTER WONDERLAND ON ICE" show.  Funny thing about it, it really isn't on ice.  These incredibly skilled skaters wear their ice skates and perform on basically a layer of plastic & olive oil.  Strange but unique, this show is guaranteed to entertain.  Santa even makes a special appearance!  I wish I could see these guys skate on real ice, because if they are that skilled skating on what they did...I can only imagine how they would tear up an ice skating rink.  
With a daughter that used to figure skate...these types of shows always tug at my heart strings a little.  
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT...and so did the kids.

SEAWORLD...we love you!  
You never disappoint us with a fun filled day full of laughter, great memories and CHRISTMAS SPIRIT.  The kids and I say thank you for helping us make memories that last a lifetime.

CLICK HERE to get your tickets for SEAWORLD SAN DIEGO!  They are running some amazing deals for Season Passes right now too!  Don't miss out!

I was not paid to feature this blog post/review.  We were given five complimentary media tickets and a parking pass in return for my honest opinion about the day.  I was not offered any money or any other perks for being there to write about our time.


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