Saturday, December 14, 2019

@LythgoePanto - A SNOW WHITE CHRISTMAS #asnowwhitechristmas

Do you have any Christmas time traditions?  
The kids and I, over the past three years, have one that we absolutely look forward to every single year.

We were not paid to feature this post.  I was compensated by tickets to attend this event for free in return for a written post about our experience and opinion on the show.
Every year, we get dressed up (I love that we have a reason to get gussied up)...
We load up in the car (whoever is going with us) and we fight rush hour traffic into Pasadena (it was so bad) to attend the yearly OPENING NIGHT for the Lythgoe Family Pantos performance.  
Because of the traffic, we did things a little backwards this year...because we barely made it in time for the show.  
So we got our tickets...
Found our seats (this year we were super stoked to be in the balcony)...
And had to put our phones away until after the show (even though I heard them say no "flash photography or video taping the performance).  Every year, I try my best to explain what a Panto performance is...and why you should take your family to experience it.  And I feel like, every year I fall short of being able to explain JUST HOW MUCH FUN these theater performances are for kids & adults alike.  JUST TRUST ME...take your kids and you'll never want to miss another year!  It will become your Christmas time tradition too.
This year, the cast included:
This year, we were able to bring along my daughter's friend...and my oldest son passed on coming with us (insert sad face here).  
This was her first time attending a Panto Style show and she loved it!   
She was surprised how much "currently popular" music was in the show and she loved all the silly jokes.
Since we hit so much traffic on the way there...we had a very late dinner after.  The location of this event is always perfect because it's a part of a shopping mall, so there are restaurants and such within walking distance.  
We opted for Rubios...when we found out that PF Changs has changed their menu (boo and insert sad face here) and ALL of our favorites are gone.
We had such an INCREDIBLE night.  
The music, the giggles (so many cute jokes throughout the performance) and the making of memories that will last a lifetime.
CLICK HERE to learn more about Panto Style Theatre & get your tickets...because this show is for a limited time only!

I was not paid to feature this post!  We were given media tickets to attend this performance in return for our review/feature.  No monetary compensation was offered or accepted.


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