Saturday, November 2, 2019

GEAR UP For a Disneyland Trip With @loveandmollica & @the_g_co


We managed to pull off a surprise trip for our kids (my boy's haven't been to Disneyland for 11 years) to Disneyland! 
The most MAGICAL place on earth.

All products for this review/feature were offered free of charge.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about the products. Only one pair of the lite up ears were provided for free (I purchased the other on my own accord).  The tee shirts were purchased on my own accord as well.

And since it was such a big deal for us to take them all (TALK ABOUT THE MOST EXPENSIVE DAY EVER literally), we of course had to think about "dressing the part".  
For my girls...this had to include Minnie Ears and tops to match.
  Because...come's all about the GRAM and getting that perfect picture at Disneyland for their IG post!
My oldest daughter (who managed to find out about the trip before hand) has literally been stalking an IG account for months of an etsy seller she's obsessed with.
  CLICK HERE to check it out!  
Her ears are not only incredibly made, but they literally LIGHT up.  
I've honestly never seen ears quite like hers and because of that, my daughter wouldn't leave me alone about it.  
I was so excited that we were able to coordinate a review/feature of a pair of ears for her.  
CLICK HERE for a link to the exact MINNIE EARS she designed for her!
She got to custom design them with the shop owner too.  
To say they turned out amazing is an understatement!  
I mean, I love all the details that went into these AMAZING ears!   
THEY TURNED HEADS all day long and she was the ONLY PERSON at Disneyland with these EARS!  That was a treat in itself.
And because I knew my youngest daughter would definitely want a pair too...
I bought a second pair from her, just for her, of ones she had already created.  
The Aladdin Genie Ears were so stinking adorable and the blue lights really brightened up the night.  
My friend Tina (CLICK HERE) from THE G COMPANY, also created some awesome tops for my girls to wear with their ears.  
They coordinated PERFECTLY for our MOST Magical Day!!  
CLICK HERE to check out @loveandmollica for incredible MINNIE EARS!
CLICK HERE to check out @the_g_co for t-shirts and such!

MAKE YOUR DAY at Disneyland extra magical too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  All products were either donated by the companies featured or I paid for them on my own accord.  I was not paid to feature or post a review about either product.

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