Tuesday, July 9, 2019


I married a GAMER/NERD!  
It's okay...he's fine with it and so am I.  
Our boys have also inherited that "gamer gene" and they love board games all of all shapes and sizes.
If you could only see our bookshelves full of games...you'd understand!

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about each of these games.
So when a package arrived with several NEW games from Blue Orange Games...everyone in the house got excited (more the guys than the girls...but we all still were curious about each of the games that arrived).
Sherlock Express is a fun mystery (Clue) style game.  
The player has to help find Moriarty's accomplice.  There are six suspects and it's your job to figure out if they are all innocent (to catch Moriarty himself) or if one of the six is guilty.  It's a quick game, where you use deduction to find the guilty party.   
Perfect for ages 7+ and up to six players.
Dog Rush is a game your little ones will really enjoy playing with you!  
The idea...the dogs leashes get all tangled after chasing a rabbit and it's your job to figure out which leash is attached to which dog.  If you guess right, you get a bone.  It's simple, easy and fun!  
Perfect for ages 6+ and up to six players.
TopiCubes will get your brain spinning!  
It's a simple cube game that plays very quickly.  You roll the dice and match the colors together to then shout out an item it's asking for.  It could be a red cube with a K and a red cube with a soccer ball.  When you've come up with a word (for instance KICK), you shout it out and collect the cubes as a point for you.  Simple but yet super fun!  My family has become super competitive with this one.  LOVE IT!  
Perfect for ages 7+ and up to six players.
Panic Island was a favorite for me to watch as they figured out how to play.  
The idea is that you have to save the island from the exploding volcano.  This is a cooperative game (you work together) to flip cards two at a time.  It's sort of like memory, but there are actions you do depending on the card but you need to find the Raft Paddle before time runs out.  At one point, everyone had to keep their chin on the table as they flipped cards over.  They had to switch chairs, etc. We downloaded the 2 minute soundtrack, which makes playing even more fun with sound effects and all!   
Perfect for ages 8+ and up to 8 players.
Oh My Gold is a quick but fun PUSH YOUR LUCK game. 
You have to roll the lucky keys to open treasure chests and roll gold or diamonds to get your treasure.  You can roll a second time, if you want to take the risk.  It's fun, exciting and simple to learn to play.  
Perfect for ages 6+ and up to 4 players.
And finally, Dragon's Cave is a more involved game but exciting game.  
With a fun board game and a race to the finish line...as you race for treasure...but don't let the dragon figure out your next move.  It's a fun game that can involve some bluffing and is guaranteed to bring about some giggles.  
Perfect for ages 7+ and up to 4 players.

Most of these games are perfect to play with younger players too.  I love that!  They are simple enough EVEN ME me to play (I have a hard time with complicated games).  

CLICK HERE to check out all that Blue Orange Games has to offer.  These are just a few of their 2019 NEW RELEASES!  They are a game company with name recognition & well deserved awards for sure!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature.

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