Monday, July 8, 2019

Lightning, Thunder, Water Slides And STING RAYS - @AquaticaTexas

I can't believe we've been in San Antonio for over a week already!  
Our summer vacation time has been busy and well spent...making memories and having lots of laugh with our family!

We were given six media tickets to come to Aquatica, in return for this review/feature.  I was not offered any monetary compensation for posting about our time spent there.  We purchased the Sting Ray Encounter experiences on our own accord, as well as parking and food.
Today, we scheduled to go to Aquatica - which is the water park in conjunction with Sea World.  In California, the water park is located on a completely different campus, but in San Antonio, they are right next door to each other.  They share the same parking lot and main entrance.  It's pretty nice!

The first stop was to get a bracelet (that is linked to my credit card), so that I could put my backpack and belongings in a locker (which we paid for on our own accord) and still be able to purchase food and whatever else we might need for the day.  This makes the time at the park convenient and EASY for parents.  LIFE VESTS ARE ALSO available all around the park for all ages too.  
I love that!  Safety first!

We had decided ahead of time that we would make this AQUATICA experience even more special for our kids...because we paid to experience some time the STING RAYS.  We got to get in the pool with over 130 sting rays, touch them, feed them and really experience more than I ever knew about them.  It was such an incredible experience (this was our belated Christmas present to our nieces and nephews...from both aunties) and I'm so glad we did it!
The kids got to experience their incredible THRILL SEEKING water slides!  I'll be posting videos on my IG ( CLICK HERE) if you want to check it out!  
Yes, these are the ones that the bottom drops out, to launch you into the slide, as you go down.  I wasn't brave enough to attempt them.  
We did the lazy river and we all enjoyed a couple WAVE sessions in the wave pool too.
The unfortunate part of the day...we didn't get to do that much at the park (not as much as we were hoping to).  There were thunderstorms and torrential rain (driving back to my parents house was absolutely terrifying because of the flash flooding).  When there is lightning, the park closes it's rides for safety...which makes sense.  Such a bummer for us...but we did get return tickets we can use another time (good for one year).  

Unfortunately, we didn't make it back to the park before we headed back to California.  
Maybe this is a good reason to get back there before next summer.

Both parks, AQUATICA AND SEAWORLD were incredible experiences for us.  We got hands on time with Sea Life and got to spend the day with our family making memories we will never forget.  

If you're visiting TEXAS (San Antonio Area), please check out these fun amusement/water parks.  My sister's family purchased SEASON TICKETS because they had such a blast at both parks.

I was not paid to feature this post!  We were offered complimentary tickets to the park in return for this post.  These tickets did not include parking, our sting ray experience or any other expenses like locker rental or food while we were there.

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