Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Did Ya'll Know There's A SeaWorld In TEXAS? @seaworldtexas

SUMMER FUN is happening in San Antonio Ya'll...and it involves Sea Life, Roller Coasters, Laughter and SPLASH ZONES!

I was offered 6 complimentary tickets for Sea World San Antonio in return for this blog post feature/review.  I was not offered any other monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about our time spent at SeaWorld San Antonio.  Parking and food were not paid for by SeaWorld and was an expense I had to pay on my own accord.
Our 3rd day in San Antonio, TEXAS, we planned a FAMILY DAY in our matching vacation t-shirts (CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS) !!  

Can you guess where we headed to?
SEA WORLD is one of our favorite theme parks in Southern California.  
But did you know that these is another 
Sea World in San Antonio, Texas?  
We were so excited to have the opportunity to check out this incredible park with my TEXAS family for the day.  
Some things that are very different from our park in California...the Dolphin (Discovery Point) and Sharks (Explorer's Reef) exhibits/encounters are actually located outside the park.  
You don't need a ticket to check either of these exhibits out.  
I found this interesting and AWESOME!    
I mean, I'd come watch these adorable dolphins all day long if I lived close enough.  My kids love them too!
Our family always loves to check out the Clyde and Seamore "Sea Lion High" Show!  It's an adorable interactive show that includes some water, some audience participation and lots of giggles. 
This is always a favorite for the kids.  
We got to this show before it got too hot outside, which was perfect.  
FYI - Texas is super humid, so you have to drink lots of water while you're exploring outside.  
We were constantly filling up water cups throughout the day, because you can stop and grab a cup to fill up at any beverage station (such a nice feature, because we probably would have passed out from heat stroke otherwise).
We may have stopped a few times to have these giant fans blow on us...because it's down right humid and hot in San Antonio during the summer.  
GOD BLESS whoever decided to put these in!  
It really helped us cool off a little.

Another major difference in the theme parks is that the TEXAS Sea World has roller coasters and rides that our San Diego Sea World doesn't have.  
These include:
Riptide Rescue (the kids enjoyed this one)
Sea Swinger (my dad and I went on this one)

Wave Breaker Rescue Coaster (it was not running while we were there)

Great White Roller Coaster (my oldest son and I went on this one, but we didn't get a pic)

Steel Eel Roller Coaster (we didn't get to ride this one)
Journey to Atlantis (water fun, but I personally like the one in San Diego more)
Rio Loco (everyone loved getting drenched on this one)
Super Grover's Box Car Derby (the biggest hit with our littlest ones)
Another favorite of the day is the Chill Zone (a room that has the air cranked down really low...a DJ mixing songs and fun costumed friends to dance around with).  
We spent some time in there just cooling off and letting the kids dance.  
They all loved that!
The Pet's Rules show is always FUN!  
We even got to see a new member of the cast learning how to jump rope in front of the audience.
For lunch, we managed to grab some GRUB (cause it's TEXAS Ya'll) in an indoor (air conditioned) Harbor Market eatery.  
At this point in the day, we were all thanking THE GOOD LORD for the cool place to sit and eat.  
I was impressed too, that even though it's not the law in TEXAS (like it is in CA), straws are not available in their park.  
Looking out for the SEA LIFE Ya'll!
The ONE OCEAN show only happens once a day.  
It's in a covered amphitheater (which keeps the sun off your back), but it's still very hot and humid (sorta sauna like)...but still fun to see.  I miss the good ol' days of SHAMU shows, but understand that rules are rules (meant to keep people safe).  I still get emotional (I cry almost every single time I see these beautiful animals) and despite the HEAT...we enjoyed the ONCE A DAY show.
Did I mention we got to see a brand new 2 day old baby sea lion?   
The mama looked exhausted, as any new mommy would.  
She was busy feeding and checking on her baby.  
The baby even waved hi to us.
And yes, we saw giant Sea Turtles too!  So cool!
Our day came to a close (the sun was setting) and we were exhausted (we didn't last until the IgNite show, we are just not used to the humidity in TEXAS) and pleased with our entire experience.   I have talked about the humidity and heat a lot, because the day we went, it was basically 106 degrees outside.  
From start to finish, our Sea World Texas day was full of memories we will never forget.  
CLICK HERE to check out SeaWorld TEXAS for yourself.  

If you're road tripping this summer or looking for something fun to do with the family...this is definitely a fun option!  My sister's family purchased SEASON PASSES while we were at the park, so they could enjoy this Texas fun all year long!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the six complimentary press pass tickets we were offered in exchange for this review/feature of the SeaWorld Texas location.

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