Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Bathtime Around Here Will Never Be the Same - Thanks @ZimpliKids #collab

It's all my fault!  
My kids like taking baths.  
It's just something we all have in common!  
It's something they have been accustomed to as little kids!

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about these products.

Because of that, a nightly bath is nothing new.  
But thanks to ZimpliKids GelliBaff and SlimeBaff, bathing in our house jumped to a whole new "FUN TIME" level!
I wasn't sure about any of these products...because, to be fair, they all sounded pretty messy and hard to clean up after.  
But honestly, I was completely thrilled with the entire experience using them.  Keep reading to find out why...  
You put about three inches of water in the bottom of the bathtub.  
You sprinkle the package #1 of Smelli GelliBaff in the bathtub, spreading out the contents, and mixing a little with your hand.  
Then wait for the magic to happen.  
THIS STUFF TURNS INTO THE MOST AMAZING Gelli experience your kids will ever have in the bath.  Plus it's tutti frutti scent makes it even more fun!
My boys were both enthralled and kept saying they didn't want to ever get out of the bathtub, because they were having so much fun playing in it.  
To get rid of the Gelli, you just sprinkle package #2 on top of it and wait.  
It's seriously like MAGIC.  
It turns, what was a bathtub full of Gelli into liquid again, and it goes right down the drain.  
The GLITTER SlimeBaff was a MUST for my daughter, who is 100% slime obsessed.  So we put the three inches of water in the bathtub, sprinkled the package into the bath and waited for the magic to happen again.  This time, instead of it turning into pieces of gelli goodness, it turned into the most amazing GLITTER SLIME BAFF bathtub experience ever.  
She was so happy.  Who wouldn't want to take a bath in slime, right?  
She slip slided around and played with all the slimy goo.  
The best part, when you're done playing, you add more water to the slime and it dilutes it and goes right down the drain.
Not going to lie...I was intrigued by it all and I had to give it a try too.  
SO MAMA even took a Glitter GelliBaff!  HA HA!  
Who says mom's can have some bath time fun too?
CLICK HERE to learn more about ZimpliKids products!  
Consider them for stocking stuffers, birthday presents or just because.  My kids say BATH TIME will never be the same around here...because they want a GelliBaff or SlimeBaff every single night!  
Wishful thinking...right?

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!

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