Friday, February 1, 2019

Guided Journaling in the NEW YEAR with @foxchapel

I think I've told you guys before, but I did a lot of journaling in high school.  
I received my first journal, that I actually used, I think when I was 16.  
It sparked something in me to write.  Those journals are some of the funniest, most awful, wonderful mementos of my high school years.  
I'm so glad that I wrote my feelings down.  

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Honestly, my two daughters are glad too, because apparently it's incredibly entertaining reading material for them now.  
It just makes me laugh and encourages me to ENCOURAGE them to write too.  

I think it would have been easier for me, back in the day, to have some sort of guided journal.  Something that could inspire my daily writing with a subject or question for me to write about.  Giving some extra insight into who I was in those days...not just about the usual gossip or drama I chose to write about.  I still giggle about the people and situations I wrote about back then.
Fox Chapel Publishing has some super fun, super awesome guided journals that they sent for my girls and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!
The Peace Love and Music guided journal gives her the chance to write about herself.  How she feels, about friends, music and even things she likes to do for fun.  There are short writing prompts at the top of the left page and then basically the rest of that page and another page left for her to write it down.  LOVE!!
The Dream Big! guided journal gives her the chance to write about things that inspire her.  Things about her world, her dreams, and her life.  
With writing prompts like, "Imagine that you are running for class president.  Write a speech convincing your classmates to vote for you."  
I mean...come on.  
When I was in high school, I would have filled that page up so quick.  HA HA!  

Both of these guided journals are made with 200 year paper that is acid free and is perfect for writing with a pen or pencil (or maybe gel pens if you want to get fancy).   Plus, Fox Chapel Publishing has more than just teen journals.  They have books for just about every category you could think of.

CLICK HERE to head over to Fox Chapel Publishing to have a look.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature.

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