Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Reflections Of My Last Week In My Thirties...

I'm going to take a moment for reflection.  
Maybe this will be a post that will encourage people, challenge people or at least make some people think about things.

No products were sent for this feature.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my words of wisdom as I turn 40 this coming week.

I was thinking today about how this is it.... MY LAST WEEK IN MY 30's.  Next week, I'll be officially 40 something and I am still not 100% sure how that makes me feel.  I'm a mix of emotions!  Proud of the person I have evolved into over the past 40 years, but sad to let go of my youth as well.  I guess it's sorta bitter sweet. 

Here are a few thoughts as I enter my 40th year of life:

GOD IS GOOD - For all your doubters out there...let me tell you first hand, GOD IS GOOD!  GOD is real and HE exists whether you want to believe in HIM or not.  After 40 years of growing through & experiencing the highs and lows of life, I have learned there is also no better crutch to lean on in a time a need than HIM.  No better person to celebrate with in a victory!  No better person to cast all my cares on...especially when I am at a loss.  No better person to know UNCONDITIONALLY loves me.  No matter how little I talk with HIM (there have been times I've been distant) or how often I chew HIS ear.  HE LOVES ME NO MATTER WHAT and regardless of the negative experiences we will go through in life, it is meant (almost always) to help us personally (or someone else) for the good & to grow.  
I AM THANKFUL for that!

BEING A PERSON WHO LOVES HARD AND FORGIVES EASILY is a STRENGTH, not a WEAKNESS - I am an optimist to a fault.  I love with my entire being and I forgive even before I am asked to forgive.  Some people may consider this a weakness, but I consider it a strength.  It's taken me 40 years to realize this fact, but showing love, for some people, is really TRULY HARD to do.  Some people aren't capable of it at all.  It blows my mind and breaks my heart for them, to live an entire life without feeling love or being able to love.  What a sad existence.  So much of my world revolves around loving my friends, my family, my pets, etc.  I can't imagine that numbness.  But also being able to forgive easily is a strength as well.  Why?  Because I can let go of the bitterness that can be left in place when someone wrongs you.  I can move past hurt and overcome the downfalls in forgiveness.  A lot of times, forgiveness is more about your own personal healing than the person asking for it...to be honest.  I've learn that too. 

YOUR KIDS ARE YOUR GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN LIFE - I birthed, nurtured, nursed, soothed, praised, admired, and unconditionally loved four human beings since their very first breaths.  Heck, I am still in the daily grind of it!  These four kids I would no doubt take a bullet for and I would risk my EVERYTHING to save them if the situation arose.  Each one of them is different.  Seasoned differently by experiences in life, personality differences, etc.  Each one of them has been my life's work to this point and will continue to you be long after they are adults...but in a different way of course.  The best parts of me and the worst parts of me have been made apparent in parenting them.  But more than that, the result of my love, respect of their PERSON, and time I spend with them...reflects in their own personal beauty (I'd like to think).  I'm not talking looks, though my kids are all pretty good looking.  But I'm talking about in their hearts.  Where the words the world says to them are painted into place.  Where the experiences (good or bad), take root!  They know I love them, they know they can trust me with anything (without judgment), and they know that I will always, ALWAYS be their biggest cheerleader.  But they also know that they make me so proud every single day!   They are my beautiful pieces of life art...each one unique, special and truly beautiful to the core.  Seriously, my life's greatest accomplishment!

WRINKLES ARE GONNA HAPPEN - I've honestly seen so many botched plastic surgery jobs over the past several months (actors, actresses, etc.) and it makes me so sad.   People really are hiding their true beauty.  Some of my biggest wrinkles on my face (so far) are from...BRACE YOURSELF...SMILING TOO MUCH!  Why would I want to hide that fact?  I've always been a happy person (for the most part) and part of what makes me, ME, is my smile.  I smile at my kids!  I smile at my husband!  I smile at life experiences!  I used to smile as a cheerleader in high school.  SMILING IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!  When a camera is pointed at me, I SMILE!  But let's be honest...wrinkles happen from simply smiling...over time.  Crows feet by my eyes, a smile mark under my nose (right above my lip), the corners of my mouth, etc.  WRINKLES ARE GONNA HAPPEN!  At least the wrinkles show that for the most part (there was a stretch of time that life was not healthy or happy for me), in my childhood, teen years, young adult years and definitely late into my thirties & now forties...I can smile!  And if wrinkles happen because of that...SO BE IT!

I could be sad that at this point in life...because I honestly, I may have quite possibly lived over half my life already.  I will be blessed to live to 80.  I could feel upset that I should have done things differently, changed decisions I made, etc.  Some of them haven't been the best...but I certainly learned some #lifelessons .   

Instead, I am simply going to celebrate!  
CELEBRATE 40 beautiful, challenging, life changing years of life.  
CELEBRATE that I've made it to 40...some of my dear friends haven't.  
CELEBRATE that my future is set to be peaceful, happy and filled with even more love than I've experienced already.

40 is the new 30 after all!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about turning 40.

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