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Back To School Shopping Made Easy - With @Amazon #collab

With six kids, the cost and time spent with "back to school" shopping can be super overwhelming.  Especially since half of our kids are in high school now...calculators and binders and backpacks...

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Did you know that AMAZON is absolutely a ONE STOP SHOP when it comes to BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING?  
They make it simple, cost effective, super easy and they even ship things quickly & directly to your doorstep.  I mean, you don't even have to leave your house to get all their classroom needs.  I've used AMAZON for so much over the years.  I've used it for birthday shopping, school shopping, Christmas shopping, etc.  It's the easiest way to shop online & have it delivered straight to your door...almost overnight!  You don't have to drag the kids out of the house, pull an extra cart to keep the kids contained in or struggle with the crowds.  
You simply grab your laptop, pull up the website and start adding things to your cart!
It couldn't be easier to find all that you need and probably more.

Here are a few things that I would personally recommend for BACK TO SCHOOL NEEDS, as these are some of the best deals and they have a great selection of all the "MUST HAVES" for your kids:

This pack of Papermate Flair Felt Tip Pens is the perfect assortment of color and functionality.  
If you have kids like mine...they enjoy things being bright and cheerful.  Most of the "back to school" lists include colored pens of some sort.    
Perfect for projects and so much more and they are a great deal (price wise).

I honestly don't think that I've had a list from teachers in the past several years that don't include 5 tab dividers.  These Avery Big Tab Reversible Fashion Dividers are super cute, functional and both of my girls would love them.  I mean, come on...aren't they cute?  This is a great way for your kid's binder's to stay organized and helps things to stay that way the entire school year.

Another EVERY YEAR supply need...dry erase markers.  Since I have so many kids, buying them in a pack, so I can divide and conquer works best for me.  So this pack of Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers (8 markers) is perfect for exactly that.  
Plus, Expo is a brand that everybody trusts, loves and uses.  This is also a great deal for this pack.  In fact, you should probably buy two packs, so that you can gift your kid's classroom teacher with a pack too.  Heaven knows they will need and use these to teach your kids in the classroom all year long.  AWESOME!  This would totally make their teacher's day.

Who doesn't NEED a sharpie during the school year.  Whether it's for putting permanent names on your kids school supplies, backpacks & clothes...or because the teacher needs them for the classroom...this is a MUST NEED ITEM for the year.  
This twelve pack of Sharpie Permanent Markers is another pack perfect for dividing and conquering these back to school lists.  Plus they are just fun to have in all different colors too!

PENCILS...from Kindergarten on, this is a requirement for testing and everyday classwork.  But I will admit that there is always one brand that stands apart from the rest.  It works the best and it sharpens up the best too.  Trust me...buying this pack of Ticonderoga Wood Cased Graphite Pencils will last the entire school year and hopefully help your kids earn an A+ on all their tests this year.   

There is always projects/presentations in every grade level.  These projects always require things like glue, poster board and some pizazz.  With six kids...that's a lot of glue and glitter.  So how about you just simply buy a Elmer's Glue Deluxe Slime Starter Kit and use it for more than just slime.  Use it for all those class projects that will demand extra time for both you and your kids.  
Even though SLIME has been all the rave lately, class presentations will definitely something that won't go out of style and will always require glitter and glue.

Another thing that is almost a requirement in the home is a printer.  Why?  Because most (or some at least) projects require pictures being printed and included.  Ugh.  This is a costly and sometimes frustrating endeavor if you don't have a printer at home.  Having to send in the pictures, have them printed and pick them up in the store is a lot of extra time & effort.  You could just buy one of these Canon Ivy Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Printer and print pictures out whenever & wherever you need them.  You can even bring this in the classroom and help print out pictures for the teacher when the holidays roll around (parent presents).  Every parent loves those personalized gifts of their favorite littles on ornaments or snowflakes.

CLICK HERE to see the entire selection of Back To School products, fashions and gear that Amazon offers this year and get busy filling up that shopping cart.
And if you don't have an AMAZON membership...get one now...because you're going to love it!

This post has been sponsored by Amazon.  I will be compensated for posting about Amazon's products and services.  All opinions  and personal experiences are my own.  

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