Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Reflections Of My Last Week In My Thirties...

I'm going to take a moment for reflection.  
Maybe this will be a post that will encourage people, challenge people or at least make some people think about things.

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I was thinking today about how this is it.... MY LAST WEEK IN MY 30's.  Next week, I'll be officially 40 something and I am still not 100% sure how that makes me feel.  I'm a mix of emotions!  Proud of the person I have evolved into over the past 40 years, but sad to let go of my youth as well.  I guess it's sorta bitter sweet. 

Here are a few thoughts as I enter my 40th year of life:

GOD IS GOOD - For all your doubters out there...let me tell you first hand, GOD IS GOOD!  GOD is real and HE exists whether you want to believe in HIM or not.  After 40 years of growing through & experiencing the highs and lows of life, I have learned there is also no better crutch to lean on in a time a need than HIM.  No better person to celebrate with in a victory!  No better person to cast all my cares on...especially when I am at a loss.  No better person to know UNCONDITIONALLY loves me.  No matter how little I talk with HIM (there have been times I've been distant) or how often I chew HIS ear.  HE LOVES ME NO MATTER WHAT and regardless of the negative experiences we will go through in life, it is meant (almost always) to help us personally (or someone else) for the good & to grow.  
I AM THANKFUL for that!

BEING A PERSON WHO LOVES HARD AND FORGIVES EASILY is a STRENGTH, not a WEAKNESS - I am an optimist to a fault.  I love with my entire being and I forgive even before I am asked to forgive.  Some people may consider this a weakness, but I consider it a strength.  It's taken me 40 years to realize this fact, but showing love, for some people, is really TRULY HARD to do.  Some people aren't capable of it at all.  It blows my mind and breaks my heart for them, to live an entire life without feeling love or being able to love.  What a sad existence.  So much of my world revolves around loving my friends, my family, my pets, etc.  I can't imagine that numbness.  But also being able to forgive easily is a strength as well.  Why?  Because I can let go of the bitterness that can be left in place when someone wrongs you.  I can move past hurt and overcome the downfalls in forgiveness.  A lot of times, forgiveness is more about your own personal healing than the person asking for it...to be honest.  I've learn that too. 

YOUR KIDS ARE YOUR GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN LIFE - I birthed, nurtured, nursed, soothed, praised, admired, and unconditionally loved four human beings since their very first breaths.  Heck, I am still in the daily grind of it!  These four kids I would no doubt take a bullet for and I would risk my EVERYTHING to save them if the situation arose.  Each one of them is different.  Seasoned differently by experiences in life, personality differences, etc.  Each one of them has been my life's work to this point and will continue to you be long after they are adults...but in a different way of course.  The best parts of me and the worst parts of me have been made apparent in parenting them.  But more than that, the result of my love, respect of their PERSON, and time I spend with them...reflects in their own personal beauty (I'd like to think).  I'm not talking looks, though my kids are all pretty good looking.  But I'm talking about in their hearts.  Where the words the world says to them are painted into place.  Where the experiences (good or bad), take root!  They know I love them, they know they can trust me with anything (without judgment), and they know that I will always, ALWAYS be their biggest cheerleader.  But they also know that they make me so proud every single day!   They are my beautiful pieces of life art...each one unique, special and truly beautiful to the core.  Seriously, my life's greatest accomplishment!

WRINKLES ARE GONNA HAPPEN - I've honestly seen so many botched plastic surgery jobs over the past several months (actors, actresses, etc.) and it makes me so sad.   People really are hiding their true beauty.  Some of my biggest wrinkles on my face (so far) are from...BRACE YOURSELF...SMILING TOO MUCH!  Why would I want to hide that fact?  I've always been a happy person (for the most part) and part of what makes me, ME, is my smile.  I smile at my kids!  I smile at my husband!  I smile at life experiences!  I used to smile as a cheerleader in high school.  SMILING IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!  When a camera is pointed at me, I SMILE!  But let's be honest...wrinkles happen from simply smiling...over time.  Crows feet by my eyes, a smile mark under my nose (right above my lip), the corners of my mouth, etc.  WRINKLES ARE GONNA HAPPEN!  At least the wrinkles show that for the most part (there was a stretch of time that life was not healthy or happy for me), in my childhood, teen years, young adult years and definitely late into my thirties & now forties...I can smile!  And if wrinkles happen because of that...SO BE IT!

I could be sad that at this point in life...because I honestly, I may have quite possibly lived over half my life already.  I will be blessed to live to 80.  I could feel upset that I should have done things differently, changed decisions I made, etc.  Some of them haven't been the best...but I certainly learned some #lifelessons .   

Instead, I am simply going to celebrate!  
CELEBRATE 40 beautiful, challenging, life changing years of life.  
CELEBRATE that I've made it to 40...some of my dear friends haven't.  
CELEBRATE that my future is set to be peaceful, happy and filled with even more love than I've experienced already.

40 is the new 30 after all!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about turning 40.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Relieve Your ACHES And PAINS With A @Doshamat Acupressure Mat

Turning forty next week has it's pros and cons!  
I've honestly gotta say, the past forty years of my life have been a roller coaster!  I've experienced some simply amazing moments and some really, incredibly hard times.  FOR REAL!  It also means that my body has seen 40 years on this earth and it's starting to feel a little worn already!  
I'm not joking!

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about this product.
Some days, I feel incredible!  I feel like the vibrant 18 year old that I think I am in my brain.  And some mornings I roll out of bed and feel like an 80 year old woman.  Aches and pains in my back, neck, shoulder knots from stress, etc.  THIS IS ME...just being real!  And honestly, my husband, who is only a few months younger than me (yes, he married an older gal) has been experiencing some AGING pains in his lower back & sciatic nerve area.  Getting old sucks!
So have you heard of an acupressure mat?  
I'm talking about Doshamat Acupressure Mats.
I'm not going to lie.  My first attempt at standing on the acupressure mat for five minutes (this was the suggested starting time) was a little rough.  These lotus flower TIPS are shockingly painful at first.  They poke into every single pressure point on the bottom of your feet.  But I took some deep breaths and managed through it.  The bottoms of my feet were speckled with little tiny pin like pokes (not through the skin) that showed exactly where each lotus petal tip was pushing on the bottom of my feet.
My kids, of course, were super intrigued.  They insisted on trying it out, of course being monitored by me.  There were some screams and lots of giggles.  The best reaction was my 14 year old bonus son...he cracked me up the most.  
He was an immediate pessimist about the acupressure mat.  Funny thing, I explained how it worked, what it's supposed to do and he stepped on to try it out himself.  Yes, it hurts at first.  But I told him to take some deep breaths and try to think about being light on his feet.  When he got off the mat, he exclaimed how shocked he was, that he actually did feel better!  He's been doing a lot of marching (he's in marching band at school) and he said that this actually made a difference (for the better) in how he felt, even after only 5 minutes.  

How Do Acupressure Mats Work?

I sat last night on this Doshamat Acupressure Mat while watching TV and even though I had some clothes on, I could still feel the lotus flower tips pushing through the thin fabric and into my skin.  It really is the weirdest thing, but it does relieve stress and relaxes your body.  
When we were done watching our show, I was ready for bed...and fell immediately asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.  Coincidence?  Maybe...or maybe it was because the tension & stress from my day had somehow melted away on this Doshamat Acupressure Mat.
I've been building up a tolerance for staying on the mat for longer than 5 minutes.  Recommended use is between 15-20 minutes and also on bare skin (instead of through clothes) like bare feet.  Like I said, I think this does take some time to build up to this point...but I can definitely see myself getting to that 20 minute point and even wanting more eventually.  Plus, I am trying to do this first thing in the morning (for energy and to start my day out right) and about 20 minutes before bedtime, so I can immediately crawl in bed and enjoy the benefits as I sleep.
What would you be willing to pay to have some of your aches and pains dissolved after only 5-20 minutes of using an acupressure mat?  The Doshamat Acupressure Mat is under $100 and to me, that's well worth the investment of less tension in my body, a better nights sleep and even a more pain free life experience.  
I mean, for $100 bucks, it's worth the shot, right?  
Oh yeah...and did I mention these acupressure mats have been known to also help with weight loss, increased circulation and a reduction of cellulite?
CLICK HERE to learn more about DoshaMat acupressure mats and maybe invest in one yourself.   
It's the type of gift that keeps on giving!

If nothing else, it's worth the giggles from the kids when they attempt the five minute trial if nothing else.  Just kidding...kinda!  These acupressure mats really do make a difference!  I'm shocked (I was kind of skeptical too) and so very thankful!  
This will be something I will be using on a daily basis from now on!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for this review/feature!

Friday, September 14, 2018

This New BOUTIQUE Is Going To Improve Your Style - @SydneyStylesOnline

If you've been following me for long, you know that I love clothes! 
I mean...I LOVE clothes that fit my body perfectly, accentuate the good and make me feel pretty!
I also love clothes that don't break my bank account when I need a wardrobe refresh!

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company for this collab.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about these products.
I came across a women's boutique on IG that I fell in love with.
Little did I know that they are not only just launching their business (in Sept), but they have a style (like their name) that is 100% me!  I'M NOT JOKING!  Though I may not personally be able to pull off some of their two piece sets (because I'm turning 40 this year)...the 21 year old me (who still lives inside) still loves it and would have rocked that look.
But the good news is that they plenty of dresses, tops, etc. that this 40 year old me (in a week or so) can still feel RUNWAY READY wearing it.  
Sydney Styles sent me four pieces from their online store to try on, wear and fall in love with.  Honestly, I did exactly that!  
These four pieces fit my body like a glove.  OH MY WORD!
This Canyon Wrap Maxi dress is by far...my husband's favorite thing they sent me.  This dress accentuates some of my ASSETS (if you get what I'm talking about) and is still modest with a fun flair.  This dress is perfect for a date night out, to wear on vacation or just because.  It's comfortable and totally sexy too.  The best part, this is not a dress I would have typically picked for myself...but I LOVE IT!  They did good pulling me out of my comfort zone and introducing me to a style of dress I may have never tried on, on my own.  
It's about STYLING someone...right?  This one was right on the nose.
This Terra Midi Dress is a mix of cute and comfy.  I love the colors...and it's totally PINTEREST WORTHY.  I love that it has pockets!  I mean, who doesn't love pockets.  This dress is perfect for Spring/Summer, but can also be layered during the Fall months with a denim jacket.  This dress is even one my 14 year old fell in love with.  It's going to be a struggle to keep it in my closet, and it not find it's way "magically" into hers.  This is perfect for a day outside at the zoo, a date day at the winery or park or a date night on the patio, mingling with friends.
It's flattering, it's trendy and I will be wearing it a ton this fall.  It's super comfortable too!  It does come in two different colors and can be worn with denim and boots or even with yoga pants for a more casual look.  
I LOVE THIS TOP and I love how I look wearing this top!!
Finally, this YOU ARE PERFECT Empire Top is absolutely "BOHO adorable".  This top is cut in a very flattering way...low enough to show some skin, but modest enough to not show too much.
I love the flowy sleeves and empire waist look.  Plus, the pastel colors are flattering...especially on my "summer's past" fading tanner skin.  Paired with your favorite jeans and some low booties, this top can be worn out around town or even out on a fun date night.

To say I'm a little obsessed with this new BOUTIQUE is to put it MILDLY!  
Their selection is great and their prices aren't bad either!  
They are even offering my readers a special 20% off code to shop with. 
USE THE CODE: oneboredmommy when checking out and receive 20% off your entire order!

CLICK HERE to head over to their site!
CLICK HERE to follow them on IG (so you can see all their new stuff) and watch this business GROW!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Back To School Shopping Made Easy - With @Amazon #collab

With six kids, the cost and time spent with "back to school" shopping can be super overwhelming.  Especially since half of our kids are in high school now...calculators and binders and backpacks...

No products were sent for this review/feature.  Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring this post.  I will receive compensation by posting about these products and my personal opinions on them.  This blog post is sponsored by Amazon.com 
Did you know that AMAZON is absolutely a ONE STOP SHOP when it comes to BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING?  
They make it simple, cost effective, super easy and they even ship things quickly & directly to your doorstep.  I mean, you don't even have to leave your house to get all their classroom needs.  I've used AMAZON for so much over the years.  I've used it for birthday shopping, school shopping, Christmas shopping, etc.  It's the easiest way to shop online & have it delivered straight to your door...almost overnight!  You don't have to drag the kids out of the house, pull an extra cart to keep the kids contained in or struggle with the crowds.  
You simply grab your laptop, pull up the website and start adding things to your cart!
It couldn't be easier to find all that you need and probably more.

Here are a few things that I would personally recommend for BACK TO SCHOOL NEEDS, as these are some of the best deals and they have a great selection of all the "MUST HAVES" for your kids:

This pack of Papermate Flair Felt Tip Pens is the perfect assortment of color and functionality.  
If you have kids like mine...they enjoy things being bright and cheerful.  Most of the "back to school" lists include colored pens of some sort.    
Perfect for projects and so much more and they are a great deal (price wise).

I honestly don't think that I've had a list from teachers in the past several years that don't include 5 tab dividers.  These Avery Big Tab Reversible Fashion Dividers are super cute, functional and both of my girls would love them.  I mean, come on...aren't they cute?  This is a great way for your kid's binder's to stay organized and helps things to stay that way the entire school year.

Another EVERY YEAR supply need...dry erase markers.  Since I have so many kids, buying them in a pack, so I can divide and conquer works best for me.  So this pack of Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers (8 markers) is perfect for exactly that.  
Plus, Expo is a brand that everybody trusts, loves and uses.  This is also a great deal for this pack.  In fact, you should probably buy two packs, so that you can gift your kid's classroom teacher with a pack too.  Heaven knows they will need and use these to teach your kids in the classroom all year long.  AWESOME!  This would totally make their teacher's day.

Who doesn't NEED a sharpie during the school year.  Whether it's for putting permanent names on your kids school supplies, backpacks & clothes...or because the teacher needs them for the classroom...this is a MUST NEED ITEM for the year.  
This twelve pack of Sharpie Permanent Markers is another pack perfect for dividing and conquering these back to school lists.  Plus they are just fun to have in all different colors too!

PENCILS...from Kindergarten on, this is a requirement for testing and everyday classwork.  But I will admit that there is always one brand that stands apart from the rest.  It works the best and it sharpens up the best too.  Trust me...buying this pack of Ticonderoga Wood Cased Graphite Pencils will last the entire school year and hopefully help your kids earn an A+ on all their tests this year.   

There is always projects/presentations in every grade level.  These projects always require things like glue, poster board and some pizazz.  With six kids...that's a lot of glue and glitter.  So how about you just simply buy a Elmer's Glue Deluxe Slime Starter Kit and use it for more than just slime.  Use it for all those class projects that will demand extra time for both you and your kids.  
Even though SLIME has been all the rave lately, class presentations will definitely something that won't go out of style and will always require glitter and glue.

Another thing that is almost a requirement in the home is a printer.  Why?  Because most (or some at least) projects require pictures being printed and included.  Ugh.  This is a costly and sometimes frustrating endeavor if you don't have a printer at home.  Having to send in the pictures, have them printed and pick them up in the store is a lot of extra time & effort.  You could just buy one of these Canon Ivy Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Printer and print pictures out whenever & wherever you need them.  You can even bring this in the classroom and help print out pictures for the teacher when the holidays roll around (parent presents).  Every parent loves those personalized gifts of their favorite littles on ornaments or snowflakes.

CLICK HERE to see the entire selection of Back To School products, fashions and gear that Amazon offers this year and get busy filling up that shopping cart.
And if you don't have an AMAZON membership...get one now...because you're going to love it!

This post has been sponsored by Amazon.  I will be compensated for posting about Amazon's products and services.  All opinions  and personal experiences are my own.