Thursday, August 30, 2018

OMG - You're Gonna LOL When You See What I Did At @Target Today!

I turn 40 next month!  Eek!  Gads!  
I guess I am living a bit in denial that this is even humanly possible.  
They say time flies, but I don't think you really start to understand that concept until you've had a child and you watch them grow up.  In reality, my brain still feels 18.  
My body however, would beg to differ.

No products were sent for this feature.  I was not offered any monetary compensation for posting about this MOMMY EXPERIMENT that I decided to try on my own accord today.  I am posting some affiliate links, that will be compensated for if someone clicks through.

So one thing I've always been jealous of is the cute things that TARGET carries for their girls line.  They have a couple designers right now that just make the cutest things.  I'm serious!  Like...I WANT THAT IN MY SIZE.  
I'm talking about Cat & Jack and Art Class.

So today...I got the nerve and edge to just do it.   
Do what you ask?  
I walked into TARGET like a boss.  I proceeded to fill up my shopping cart with things from the "girls section" that I thought were darling and I pushed that shopping cart full of stuff straight to the dressing room to see if anything would even fit.

TO MY DELIGHT...everything I grabbed fit...including the size 10/12 pants I grabbed by accident to match the top I tried on with it.  OH EM GEE!   This "almost forty" year old lady not only fit into these clothes, but hey...I'd wear them around town. 

So honestly, I'd like your opinions.  
Would I look silly wearing any of the following out of the house for a normal "MOM DAY" routine?
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I know I am on the smaller end of the spectrum...when it comes to ladies.  
I am 5'4" and I hover around 125 pounds.  
But I will admit to you right now...I honestly didn't think that these things were going to fit right (size 14/16) fit.  Like fit like most ladies smalls fit me.  INSANE, right?  

The best part now, is when I get my girls some things from Target's girl section...I can sneak into their closet and wear them when they are at school!  IT'S A WIN/WIN!  Ha think I'm joking?

And by the way...I just did this for fun!  This is not a sponsored post by Target...though I wish they would sponsor me to blog for them.  It was an experiment I came up with all on my own accord.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting about this feature.  I was not compensated in any way.  I am posting a few affiliate links, but will only receive compensation if the link is clicked through and something is purchased.

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