Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Make Your Next Outing With Your LITTLE One A Clean One - @Bibiluv

Picture it...you're new parents and you're taking your little family out to eat, for the first time with the little one.  You're so excited!  You've waited until he/she is old enough to sit up in a high chair.   As you sit them down at the table, your baby reaches and picks up left overs from the table top...compliments of the people who ate there before you, maybe some rice & beans?  
SO GROSS, right?

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Now this doesn't happen all the time (most restaurants work really hard to keep things sanitary), but there will be times when you venture out with your little one, where the availability of sterilized surfaces for your little one's food to be put is limited.  I mean, you don't want to just set their puffs and melts on the bare tabletop, do you?

I found a product called BIBILUV and I absolutely wish they had had when my kids were little.  Why?  It makes it so simple, easy and adorable to create a clean tabletop area for your little one to enjoy their table side meal without having to worry about the germs or mess.  
In fact, it makes the clean up (aftermath) super easy too.

To use them, you simply unfold this colorful plastic placemat, pull the strips off the back and adhere it to the table top.  
Now, it's stuck and can't be pulled off by your little one.  
This is a WIN IN ITSELF (if you have a little one already, you understand)!  
It also makes the surface area for the snacks clean and because they are nice & big...there is plenty of room for them to scatter their snacks and it still be on the Bibiluv.

When you're done, you simply pull it up, wad it up and throw it away.  
It cleans up the mess your little precious one made (cause let's admit it...babies make big messes) and keeps the germs away.  
In my opinion, they are worth the investment to have on hand in your diaper bag (and they really are decently priced) and the peace of mind is worth every cent you spend on them too.

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