Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Back To School With Your Period...GIRL YOU GOT THIS! @Knixteen

As our children head back to school in the next few weeks, some girls may not be as excited as others....

This is a paid post.  I am being paid $75 for posting this feature about this product for a company.  I have used the product before and do have personal knowledge about the product and how it works.  No product was sent for this feature.

I mean, aren't most kids SUPER STOKED about their first day back to school?
Perhaps it's that "time of the month" for her.  
I remember going to high school with my MONTHLY necessities in tow.  
I also remember having a couple embarrassing moments when I bled through my panties and jeans...and had to tie a hoodie around my waist until the end of the day.  I happens.  And it's mortifying for the poor girl experiencing it.
But it doesn't have to be a common thing anymore for our teenage girls.  
Why?  Products have been introduced that not only make it a less messy experience, but also a super cute trendy (and comfortable) one.
These PERIOD UNDERWEAR will double cover your daughter on days when she needs it most.  Cause let's admit it...we all have those days!  And the best part, she won't mind wearing them because they are down right comfortable.  NO JOKE!  My daughter loves hers.  I told her she needs to tell all her friends about them too...because it could save them the embarrassment of a mishap.  While she will still have to use her typical period stuff, these panties will have her double covered for any accidental "leak throughs".

Knixteen panties are super thin (so no one will be able to tell it's that time), they absorb moisture (made out of a stretchy lycra material that sucks it right up), they have built in odor crushing technology and they are basically leak proof.  
Your teen daughter might actually be asking you for more pairs of these to just wear as her normal panties...they are that comfortable.  
They come in two styles too...boycut or bikini, so she can wear the same type of underwear she typically wears throughout the month.

Head over to their website and find out more about KNIXTEEN.

I was paid to feature this post.  I will be compensated $75 for posting this feature about this product for this company.  All opinions are my own.

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