Monday, June 18, 2018

@TinyLoveUSA - Tiny Princess Tales FUN With My Niece

I've told you before and I'll tell you again...

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about the products.

My niece is starting to really grow and change SO MUCH!  
She's learning to use her hands, she's chewing on everything, she can almost sit up by herself and is quite the chatter box.  
She is also becoming her own little person and is so much fun to watch when she plays.
Man...I miss my kids being this little still!
Her parents love products/toys that give her the opportunity to hone in on her coordination skills, give her something fun to chew on (cause teeth are coming soon) and something she can chat with too (she's finding her voice).  
They are huge fans of the floor play mats for her, because she can lay under them on her tummy or back (they are safe) and she can be easily entertained with the colors, the sounds & music and the adorable critters she gets to play with.
TINY LOVE has sent several products for her to "try out" since she's been born!  The one line we hadn't tried yet is their Tiny Princess Tales line.  
While I believe my niece is going to grow to be a strong, independent's always fun to also offer a little princess element into her life.  
I mean, I am her auntie and I love ALL THINGS GIRLIE! 
Today, her Auntie (me) got to spend some quality time with her, while she helped me do this review/feature!
This Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tales Gymini Mat is the perfect blend of girlie and just down right adorable!  
It's so stinking cute!  
The critters have big friendly eyes, some of them rattle or make sounds when you shake them and the colors are perfect for a little girl to play with.   
The floor mat itself is nice and cushy, perfect for some floor time for baby.
Plus, it plays music and all the critters (Florence the Fawn, Albertina the Beaver, Jane the Squirrel and Nicole the Badger) are detachable, to move them around or hand them to her to chew on (because she is starting to teethe too).  LOVE IT!
She played and kicked and wiggled and grabbed!  
She loved the music and even the sounds it makes!  
Her mom loved watching her try it out and will be using this probably on a daily basis, to give her some necessary tummy time or even a few moments of not being held. 
The Tiny Love Tiny Princess Take Along Mobile is also AWESOME too!  
She is familiar with their take along mobiles, but this one has new critters, different colors and fun music too.   
I also loved that the underside of this mobile is in black/white, while the top part is in color.  
Her mommy loves that it attaches to her crib (for entertainment when she wakes up from a nap) , stroller or even car seat and she can also play with it while learning to sit up (supported by a boppy).  
And hey, it even matches the bedding in her room!  
Kinda perfect, right?
Both of these products are ADORABLE, awesome for her continued learning of her fine motor skills.   They also provide noises and music that aren't SUPER annoying and very entertaining for baby.  
We haven't featured a single thing from Tiny Love that she hasn't loved!  
These two new things products are no exception.  
They will continue using not only with my niece, but future babies that might come about too.

CLICK HERE to check out their entire product line!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature.

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