Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy EMOTIONAL Mother's Day TO YOU ALL!!

Mother's day always leaves me a mushy EMOTIONAL mess, EVERY SINGLE YEAR.  
It's a day that my kids try EXTRA HARD to make me feel like I am the most important person in their lives.  As a mommy, it's also a day to reflect on what makes us moms and why this day is so sweet!

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I can first off, think of four amazing reasons that I get to celebrate Mother's Day!  
Ones that caused me indescribable pain to bring into the world (thank goodness for epidurals), countless tears, more smiles than can be counted and more love than my heart every thought it could hold!
I also have the pleasure of adding to that, two awesome bonus sons...who I also love very much!
I have some pretty AMAZING mommies in my life to look up to, seek wisdom from and provide plenty of extra entertainment for...thanks to our fun off spring (their grandkids).
It's also can be a hard holiday for some.  
Whether you have lost a mom, have an estranged relationship with your mom (or child), are not able to have a baby, or maybe even have lost a baby (I've had a miscarriage too), etc.  
There can be so many mixed emotions on MOTHER'S DAY!'

Ultimately, this is one of our main goals as MOM'S...or at least ones that choose to hear our kids feelings and treat them with respect because of that:
BEING A MOM isn't easy!  
Your kids love you more than you will ever feel extra loved today!

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