Thursday, April 12, 2018

HOT DAMN!! @TrunkClub Turned Me Into A SUPER Model Today!

I signed up for something new...
Something I thought would be fun to try and that might help me BUILD my wardrobe a little!
I am not the best at shopping for myself, when it comes to clothes!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I will be compensated $50 store credit per person who sign up under my link, as well as commission based off the widget that offers my reader the ability to click and shop for the exact items listed in this post.  All products will be purchased on my own ACCORD should I decide to keep any of them and I had to paid the $25 fee to have this box shipped for me to try it out.

It's called TRUNK CLUB!
If you're not signed up need to sign up now and let your PERSONAL SHOPPER (yes, you get your own personal shopper), start gathering up information, sizes, preferences, they can ship you an INCREDIBLE box of clothing, accessories, and even shoes for you to try on in the comfort of your own home.  
My PERSONAL SHOPPER Michaela did an awesome job making this entire experience fun and easy!

She sent me (virtually) all the things she had picked out, so I could tell her "yes" or "no" to the things she had selected to ship me.  After I did...she added a couple more things and then I received confirmation that my TRUNK was shipping!  
I've been excited & waiting ever since!
Let's be honest...trying on clothes in a dressing room is not as much fun as trying things on in your own bedroom, fixing your hair a certain way to see how it looks with your outfit, etc.  
It just makes it more personal and to me, a more relaxed experience.  
Plus, the mirrors in dressing rooms ARE NEVER flattering to me!
So it's no SURPRISE, that I had an absolute blast when my TRUNK CLUB BOX arrived on my front porch!
Everything was packaged super nice and straight forward.  
My TRUNK CLUB BOX arrived with 12 items...and I had to pay a $25 fee (which is credited towards any purchases) to have the TRUNK shipped to my house. 
HONEST TO GOODNESS...every single thing in the box FIT ME PERFECTLY!  
LIKE...I couldn't have even shopped at the store and found things that not only fit so well, but also worked together to make different outfits.  
Each piece was hand picked by Michaela for me to fit my style, etc. 
I mean...come on...I freaking felt likea supermodel today trying these clothes on!  
Now...this is the hard part...deciding what to keep and what to ship back to the store.  How does one decide when everything perfectly fits me to a T?  
Maybe the price could be a factor in that (let's be honest...some of these pieces are WAY out of my budget)...since some of these pieces will definitely have to be returned!

Regardless, I had an absolute blast trying everything on and would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who FIRST OFF...loves clothes, accessories and shoes.  
Secondly, someone who maybe is too busy to shop for themselves, but would love to build a wardrobe from simply providing their own PERSONAL STYLIST with some details, sizes and have a box arrive at their front door instead of the hassle of in store shopping.  
Thirdly, if you love NORDSTROM products, they are going to send you designer clothes that were hand picked for you...and I HAVE TO TELL YOU...there is nothing better than a pair of awesome designer jeans.  THEY ARE MY WEAKNESS!
The best part, after I finally decide what to keep and what to send also came with a shipping label, and two more pieces of strong tape to re-seal my TRUNK CLUB BOX shut.  I can request a pick up on the app, drop off the box at the nearest Nordstrom store or drop it at the UPS store.  SO STINKIN SIMPLE!

SO...what should I keep and what should I send back?  HELP ME DECIDE!  
Please leave a comment below what you loved the most!
CLICK HERE to learn more about how you can sign up and try out this TRUNK CLUB experience for yourself.  It might only cost you $25 to try on some amazing clothes that might lift your spirits and be just what your wardrobe needs!
Who knows...maybe you'll buy the whole TRUNK!

I was not paid to feature this post!  All the products were sent for me to purchase on my own accord, after I paid the $25 to have it sent out.  I will earn $50 per person who signs up and then purchases something through Trunk Club.  I could potentially earn commission (affiliate link) from purchases made through the widget from ShopStyle as well.

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  1. Love the one piece denim outfit. But all were so cute ..