Saturday, April 7, 2018

GUARD DOG IN TRAINING - 11 Months Has Gone Quick!

Our little puppy isn't so little anymore.  
She'll be 11 months next week!
No products were sent for this feature.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my about our puppy, who we bought on our own accord.
Although I think she's going to be on the smaller side of the German Shepherd Breed...she is closing in on her big brother's height, just not his weight (clearly...he's a big boy).
ONE THING that is truly apparent with her is she is a PROTECTOR.  
I can honestly say it's one of the things I love the most about this breed of dog.  I'd never have to worry, because she's got my back.  She's never farther than a blink away from me.  If I'm moving around the house, she's moving with me.
She has a serious obsession with our furniture.  I think she believes she's half human.  We are constantly telling her to "GET DOWN".  She knows what it means, she just doesn't like to do it...and honestly, she's just so darn cute!  HA HA!
Our kids are still obsessed with her too!  
They run in the house and fight over who gets to let her out of her crate. She likes to tease them when she's allowed to be in our room and they are not. 
What an adorable brat! 
She LOVES her brother.  LOVES HIM!  
She is obsessed with him.  
She wants his constant attention.  
He's getting older, so sometimes he isn't as willing to play, but he's a good sport just letting her be close to him.
She loves her toys, plays fetch like a champ and the squeakier the toy (the more she loves it).  I honestly think that having a basket full of toys for her CONSTANTLY, has been a reason she's never EVER (knock on wood) chewed up something that wasn't hers.  She's a good girl!
She's decided that she doesn't like her puppy food (we call it Scooby Snacks).  She would rather sneak over to her brother's bowl and steal a few of bites of his food than eat hers.  I sometimes have to bribe her or set out her food to tease her enough to eat.  She's a challenge in this area.  
All in all, I couldn't be happier with her progress in 11 months on this earth.  She's becoming a phenomenal dog for our entire family.  She's beautiful, smart, obedient and protective...all good things in my opinion.  
We love her lots!

I was not paid to feature this post!  No products were sent for this feature.  


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