Thursday, March 29, 2018

Another Spring Break OUTING - A Cheap Day In Hollywood *SO MUCH FUN*

I love where we live!!  
We are literally 1 1/2 hour away from San Diego or LA. 
It's like the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! 
Both places have plenty of amazing things to see, do and experience.  
Since we went to San Diego on Tuesday, on Wednesday...we headed off to sight see and experience all that HOLLYWOOD has to offer.  

There were no products sent for this review/feature.  There was not compensation by me posting about our day yesterday.  All the food, gas and other expenses were provided by me only.  
After parking in their very first UNDERGROUND parking structure with Valet (just as cheap as parking anywhere else in LA for day parking, since I wasn't sure how long we would be staying), we ventured out to where all the action was, and trust me...there was plenty of action to see.  
ONTO The streets of Hollywood.
My kids have never see the Hollywood Walk!  
Have you?  Have you ever walked along and read the stars on the sidewalk?  
It was a bit crowded yesterday, but the kids and I were still able to get some pictures with some stars we got excited about.

The thing I love about Hollywood is that there is always something to take a picture with.  
Yes, there are plenty of "costumed" people on the streets...who we (especially since I was alone with my four kids) tend to avoid.  The actual look of HOLLYWOOD itself is pretty photographable.  

We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen...because I know it's a restaurant that will stay inside my budget with "Lunch Combos" and Children's Menu options (that include a drink).  I make $$$ stretch where I can.  The kids were still completely satisfied and enjoyed our lunch and a break from the walking.
The kids and I were done with "THE HOLLYWOOD WALK" after a few hours.  It's definitely not something we could spend an entire day doing (even with the mall).  We did do some shopping and bought some souvenirs too, to memorialize this day trip of SPRING BREAK 2018.  
Of course, we shopped in the store where EVERYTHING (not joking) was $5.
  This mama has to stay on a budget!  
And stores like this are just the perfect place for the kids to still get something special, even snap a fun picture or two in front of the store, and my bank account not reflect it too badly.
We got our car back, and headed to the BIGGEST Ikea I've ever been to.  
Since my kids have never been before, this was a big deal to them too.  
Our youngest daughter loved it and now feels inspired to be an interior decorator.  Our boys got kinda bored until we got to the FOOD AREA...where we tried the Swedish meatballs (we had to), some chocolate cake and mac n cheese.  By this time we were ready for a snack anyway and the prices were definitely right.  We had only made it through the top floor!  When we finally reached the exit, the $1 Yogurts and $1 Cinnamon rolls lured us in again and I bought them a sweet treat for being so great.


Finally, we HIKED...I mean hiked because parking was full at the Griffith Park Observatory (free parking and admission to the general observatory).  
We parked our car at the bottom of this very large hillside (15 minute hike at least) and finished up our day seeing the entire skyline of LA.  What a breathtaking view.  It was a bit crowded too, because we aren't the only ones enjoying our SPRING BREAK "OUTSIDE".  

We grabbed Subway for dinner and headed home!  
It was a day full of walking, talking, laughing, sight seeing and enjoying every second with my kids!  
We had another amazing SPRING BREAK DAY!
P.S.  My husband spent the day in LA too, doing something else, which is why he is not in any of the pictures from our day trip.

NOTHING in this post was offered free of charge by any company.  I personally paid for this day trip for the kids and I to go to Hollywood, CA to see the sights. 

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