Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Beautiful SPRING BREAK Day Spent At @SeaWorld & We Became #SevenSeasFoodie Fans

It was a beautiful SPRING day in Southern California.  
Since the kids are on SPRING BREAK...we always like to stay BUSY and ACTIVE.  

Our tickets into Sea World San Diego were offered to us free of charge by Sea World in return for this review/feature.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting about our day at SeaWorld and our experiences during the day.

So we loaded in the car this morning and went to one of our favorite San Diego spots (since it's only an hour drive from home)...
Once we arrived, we made our way through the park, seeing all the animals in the Explorer's Reef.
Then we took a quick picture with Shamu.   
The costume version and the real version!
We had to say hello to the dolphins in Dolphin Cove...because they are my oldest daughter's favorite.  
She's always wanted to be a dolphin trainer at Sea World some day.
We rode the SKYTOWER for the very first time, ever...and I got some amazing shots of the park.  
It's quite a view from up there!  
Plus, it was just a totally gorgeous day in San Diego...as you can see!
The first show of the day was the Dolphin Days show.  
Despite the DIRECT SUNSHINE, we sang & clapped along and loved watching the dolphins do their thing.  It's always a great show!
We made our way through the park touching all the animals we could and enjoying those through the glass that we couldn't directly interact with.  
We love them all!
The kids had a blast riding MANTA and we all rode Journey To Atlantis together and got totally soaked!  
We laughed and screamed...and may have been a little chilled when we got off the ride.
And I realized that SeaWorld is having a Seven Seas Food Festival as well.  
All over the park, there were different food kiosks with drinks and food from all over the world.  
Some of which we've had never tried (frog legs, crickets, etc.) and some of which just sounded really good and my kids couldn't wait to eat.  
I love having my kids try things that are different and can expand their pallet.  
Of course, we giggled when someone ate something they didn't like...but for the most part, they were troopers.
We always love the Pet's Rule show!  
They have a new addition to the show, the German Shepherd named Logan, who my kids loved seeing & meeting after.
SeaWorld is always a happy place for us!  
We get outside, walk in the fresh air, ride rides & see shows that make us laugh deep in our bellies and spend QUALITY TIME together.
Before we left the park tonight, we had to see the new Orca Encounter.  
Though the show is not the same as it was in the past (with all the changes in the past few years), it was still entertaining, educational and always seems to jerk a tear or two from me.  They are just such big MAGNIFICENT animals!
We are excited when the newest ride opens: Electric Eel Roller Coaster.  
Hopefully we will be back soon to give it a ride and enjoy all the thrills it has to offer too.
After checking my phone when getting ready to leave the park tonight, I realized we definitely got our steps in for the day!  I'd say it was a complete SUCCESS and once again, SeaWorld did not disappoint.  
What an excellent way to spend a quality day with my kids, doing something active and fun!  
WE LOVE SeaWorld!

CLICK HERE to learn more about SeaWorld San Diego, their hours, and about planning your trip this SPRING BREAK with your kids or even this coming summer.  
TRUST ME...it's fun and it's in a fabulous location too.

I was not paid to feature this post!  My only compensation was the entry into the park for me and my four kids, which was offered free of charge by SeaWorld.

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