Saturday, March 31, 2018

SPRING BREAK - Beignet's For Breakfast From @CafeDuMonde

Since we have been so busy this SPRING BREAK already, we are taking a day today to SPRING CLEAN and spruce up our yard work.  
PLUS...we have all the kids together for the Easter weekend, which is a HUGE TREAT!

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So in an effort to make this morning a little bit more special than the typical...we let the kids sleep in (which they typically do on weekends at our house, because they are growing kids who need sleep) and we made them a special treat for breakfast...
We made Beignet's from Cafe Du Monde.  
No...I'm not joking!  
Since we clearly cannot take our HUGE family of eight to enjoy some freshly made ones in Louisiana this morning...we made some from the comfort of our own kitchen.
It was a team effort!  My husband and I make an AWESOME TEAM in the kitchen together.  As he cut the dough, I fried the dough and powered those babies up with lots of sweetness.  YUMMY!
Despite a tiny mess on our kitchen counter...these are super easy to make and they taste SO GOOD!  Clearly, they are not "CUT" to perfection, but our kids didn't seem to mind what shape their beignets were in.  They enjoyed the "FRENCH DOUGHNUTS" covered in powdered sugar.  
You would too, right?  One box makes about 48 Beignet's, which was plenty for our family of eight.  I also made some bacon and eggs to make this a little bit "healthier" breakfast choice.  HA HA!


CLICK HERE to order some for your family, straight from LOUISIANA...and enjoy this French Doughnut Treat with your kids!  It's an experience they can enjoy without the cost of the travel.  THEY WILL LOVE IT!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about us making Beignet's for breakfast for our kids from the Cafe Du Monde market.  We purchased this from their online store.

Friday, March 30, 2018

SPRING BREAK - We Attended @thelosangeleszoo #BigBunnysSpringFling And You Should Too!

We've kind of ping pong balled between San Diego and LA this SPRING BREAK so far!  
Like literally!  Tuesday- San Diego SeaWorld, Wednesday- Hollywood, Thursday - The Beach in Oceanside, be determined!
So it's kinda fitting that this morning we left bright and early again, for yet another road trip...this time NORTH.  We left really early, because traffic between here and LA is kinda horrible in the morning, but much to our surprise, we made it to the Zoo with plenty of time to spare.

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The kids were excited to check out what all the FUN & FUSS is about with the Los Angeles Zoo in general (we've never been), but especially all the EASTER FUN they had planned because of the "Big Bunny's Spring Fling" event.   
It's three days of "Egg-Citing" fun and activities for you and the whole family!  
And trust me...there is plenty to do to keep you busy all day long!!
We headed into the Zoo to start our day, learning about animals (especially bunny's...duh)!
In fact, we headed over to learn about bunny's and even to pet one...who was super soft and the kids were so excited to meet.  
We learned some things about bunny's we didn't even know!
Learning when school is on break?  AWESOME!
We had to stop in the Petting Zoo to meet all the sweet goats, sheep and even a goose that lives there.
Oh, and wait...we even saw a Prairie Dog or two in it's natural habitat!  
The kids participated in all the fun family events going on too!  
They could plant vegetable or wild flowers at one station.
They danced and even participated in a contest (and their team even won).  
They had plenty of games for families to play together, dancing with a DJ playing fun music and and FACE PAINTING TOO!  
We even met a fairy or two.
Oh...and the EASTER BUNNY was there to take pictures with (for an additional cost).
PLUS...there is always plenty to see and do at the Zoo in general.  
We had to stop and eat lunch at the Zoo Grill.  
The kids were happy with their meals and it got them cooled down (it got pretty hot today) and juiced up for more fun with the animals.
BUT HONESTLY...we love the animals we get to see, meet and giggle about!  
Some of them were quite entertaining today!  I love that!  
They really put on a show!  And we learned quite a bit about the Hippos today too!  The ones at the Los Angeles Zoo are nothing like the ones on Jumanji.  
We of course, had to get a sweet, cool treat too!  
I mean, with all the walking we did (and we did a lot of walking)...they burned off all the extra calories anyway.  
Not that they have to worry about it!
The two youngest have a thing for stuffed animals, so they chose to spend some of their own money on souvenirs from our day in the gift shop before we headed out!  
Until next time Los Angeles Zoo!
If you're kids are on SPRING BREAK and you're looking for something fun to do, especially the next two days as the "Big Bunny's Spring Fling" is happening (until April 1st)...take your family to the zoo!  You will have a blast and you'll get the kids outside for some learning & exercise.  It's a double dose of good!

CLICK HERE to learn more about it!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the tickets that were offered to us in return for this feature post.  All the food items, stuffed animals, etc. were purchased on our own behalf with our own money.

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Since we have all of our kids today, we decided that we needed to make a day trip to the beach today.  
Since it's literally 50 minutes from our house, it's not a big deal (at least in my opinion) to pack up the car and head out...even if we only stay for a few hours.

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So we packed the car and headed out and got an awesome parking spot, PERFECT WALKING DISTANCE from the sand & waves.  
We set up our spot and the kids headed out to play.  
Some in the water and some with a Frisbee in the sand.  
One of the reasons I love the beach is there is typically something for everyone to enjoy.  
The kids played, got sandy and even got a little sunshine.  
My husband is a total trooper too.  
The beach is not his favorite place to go (and he sunburns pretty easily) and yet, he humors me for a trip or two when the weather is nice.  
They even found a Sand Dollar, a whole one...which is totally uncommon on one of our beaches here in Southern California.
After a few hours, everyone started getting hungry and we loaded back up to head to late lunch/early dinner.  
WE LOVE "IN N OUT BURGER".  If you're not from California, you may not understand the draw...but we love our ANIMAL STYLE burgers (grilled onions & secret sauce).  
My favorite is the grilled cheese "animal style" (since I gave up all red meat at New Years for this year).
We made it home in time for OPENING DAY for the DODGERS!  
That's our team!  THE BOYS IN BLUE!
It's been another excellent SPRING BREAK DAY and we have even more fun to look forward to tomorrow.  
In fact, our kids got a sneak peek yesterday in LA and took a picture to get you guys excited!
See you guys we take a part of our own little "ZOO" to the Zoo!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about our spring break day with all six of our kids.

Another Spring Break OUTING - A Cheap Day In Hollywood *SO MUCH FUN*

I love where we live!!  
We are literally 1 1/2 hour away from San Diego or LA. 
It's like the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! 
Both places have plenty of amazing things to see, do and experience.  
Since we went to San Diego on Tuesday, on Wednesday...we headed off to sight see and experience all that HOLLYWOOD has to offer.  

There were no products sent for this review/feature.  There was not compensation by me posting about our day yesterday.  All the food, gas and other expenses were provided by me only.  
After parking in their very first UNDERGROUND parking structure with Valet (just as cheap as parking anywhere else in LA for day parking, since I wasn't sure how long we would be staying), we ventured out to where all the action was, and trust me...there was plenty of action to see.  
ONTO The streets of Hollywood.
My kids have never see the Hollywood Walk!  
Have you?  Have you ever walked along and read the stars on the sidewalk?  
It was a bit crowded yesterday, but the kids and I were still able to get some pictures with some stars we got excited about.

The thing I love about Hollywood is that there is always something to take a picture with.  
Yes, there are plenty of "costumed" people on the streets...who we (especially since I was alone with my four kids) tend to avoid.  The actual look of HOLLYWOOD itself is pretty photographable.  

We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen...because I know it's a restaurant that will stay inside my budget with "Lunch Combos" and Children's Menu options (that include a drink).  I make $$$ stretch where I can.  The kids were still completely satisfied and enjoyed our lunch and a break from the walking.
The kids and I were done with "THE HOLLYWOOD WALK" after a few hours.  It's definitely not something we could spend an entire day doing (even with the mall).  We did do some shopping and bought some souvenirs too, to memorialize this day trip of SPRING BREAK 2018.  
Of course, we shopped in the store where EVERYTHING (not joking) was $5.
  This mama has to stay on a budget!  
And stores like this are just the perfect place for the kids to still get something special, even snap a fun picture or two in front of the store, and my bank account not reflect it too badly.
We got our car back, and headed to the BIGGEST Ikea I've ever been to.  
Since my kids have never been before, this was a big deal to them too.  
Our youngest daughter loved it and now feels inspired to be an interior decorator.  Our boys got kinda bored until we got to the FOOD AREA...where we tried the Swedish meatballs (we had to), some chocolate cake and mac n cheese.  By this time we were ready for a snack anyway and the prices were definitely right.  We had only made it through the top floor!  When we finally reached the exit, the $1 Yogurts and $1 Cinnamon rolls lured us in again and I bought them a sweet treat for being so great.


Finally, we HIKED...I mean hiked because parking was full at the Griffith Park Observatory (free parking and admission to the general observatory).  
We parked our car at the bottom of this very large hillside (15 minute hike at least) and finished up our day seeing the entire skyline of LA.  What a breathtaking view.  It was a bit crowded too, because we aren't the only ones enjoying our SPRING BREAK "OUTSIDE".  

We grabbed Subway for dinner and headed home!  
It was a day full of walking, talking, laughing, sight seeing and enjoying every second with my kids!  
We had another amazing SPRING BREAK DAY!
P.S.  My husband spent the day in LA too, doing something else, which is why he is not in any of the pictures from our day trip.

NOTHING in this post was offered free of charge by any company.  I personally paid for this day trip for the kids and I to go to Hollywood, CA to see the sights.