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This year, it seems that the FLU is really BAD!  
So bad that there have been several deaths in our area because of complications to the flu strain.  THIS SCARES ME!  I mean, the hospitals are almost discouraging people from coming in, unless it's absolutely crucial...because it continues to spread.

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As a mommy of six kids in our home...I have to be ULTIMATELY cautious when sickness rears it's ugly head with any of us.  In a family the size of ours, if we all end up down & out with a sickness...we are in big trouble!  

So...I figured I would share some of my tips to keeping the sick child isolated and preventing the spread of the germs in our home, especially during the winter months.
FIRST OFF...treat sickness like the plague (especially when there is a fever involved)!  
I am not joking here!  ISOLATE the child that is ill!  Put them in a room near a bathroom (so it's close by) and keep them in there until they are feeling better.  This is not mean, it's necessary.  My kids know that if they are sick, they are stuck in bed until they are better.  This does not mean that they are not offered plenty of fluids (super important), plenty of snacks & food (if they can keep it down), and entertainment while they are in bed (shows to watch, games to play, books to read, etc.).  This is also how you will know if your child is really sick or faking it!  
NOT SICK KIDS don't want to spend an entire day in bed...unless they are a teenager who just wants to sleep...ha ha!

I know that in some parts of the country, the weather is SUPER cold, and this may be an issue, but getting some fresh air into the room they are laying in will keep the germs not only isolated, but floating out of the home.  Because we have the heater on in the winter, it's circulating the if there is any way possible you can open the windows even a crack, to let some fresh air in and bad germs it!

LYSOL & LYSOL WIPES are your friend!
You can ask my kids, but when we have a "SICK KID" in the house, I am constantly spraying & wiping everything.  Yes, this means that trip so the bathroom involve a wipe down.  But hey, since we have six kids in this home, the other five may touch something and then come down with the same thing.  I am not paranoid...I am trying to be smart and protect everyone else.  TRUST ME...this works!

Especially if your child shares a room with another child, make sure you strip all the bedding down & clean it all in hot water.  Not only does this provide germ prevention, but when the child is feeling better, having clean bedding to sleep in is always a delight.  This may seem simple, but some parents don't do this...and probably should to prevent the spread of germs.  Also, let the other child sleep elsewhere until the sick child is fully recovered!

Make sure you are keeping whoever is sick full of tea with local honey, sprite (if it's tummy flu), Gatorade, or even Pedialyte.  You don't want your child to end up in the hospital because of dehydration.

Don't let the fever control you.  Fevers are good (my ex-MIL taught this to me and I will always remember it)...and are there to help fight off whatever is attacking your body.  However, keeping a tight reign on how HIGH you let the fevers get.  Piggy back Ibuprofen and Tylenol if you must to help them stay comfortable and maintain a lower fever if any.

As I mentioned before, when a child is home sick, they are in BED!  I know that some kids "feel" better when they are not really feeling better...but they need to rest.  Their body needs to recover!  The stuff that is going around this year is rough to get rid of, so extra rest is a MUST.  Early bedtimes help too.  Even mandatory naps during the day (yes, even my older kids get this...where the windows are shut dark and they have to try to sleep for a bit).  Like I said, I am not paranoid, I am trying to be smart so the rest of us don't get sick.

I don't know why...and I really think it tastes kinda awful, but the mixture of apple cider vinegar, small amount of water & lemon juice, local honey and cayenne in a little shot glass helps neutralize your system and protect you from the flu.  Like I said, I don't know the actual science behind it, but I do know that it works in prevention and even shortening of sickness times.  If you think about it being "salad dressing" then it's easier to swallow...ha ha!

If you're kids are sick...don't send them to school, to church, to any social outing until they are clear of a fever for 24 hours.  If they have a horrible cough or uncontrollable runny nose, these may be reasons to keep them home too.  Preventing the spread of these germs will help end the strain do you part and help PREVENT others from getting whatever too!

I hope these tips help you this year, as we all combat the flu and virus bugs that are running rampant in our towns.  Keep your kids home, well rested, hydrated, pumped full of vitamins (from healthy foods, etc.) for a strong immune system, teach them to keep their hands clean when they are at school and around sick people, and pray that people keep their kids home from school if their child is truly sick to help control an outbreak.

COMMENT BELOW on other ideas you may have on how to prevent the spread of the cold/flu/germs this winter.  What do you do to keep your family healthy and avoid getting sick?

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