Monday, January 22, 2018

8 Mos Old And COMING INTO HEAT? This Should Be Interesting!

Aren't you guys excited?  
I mean, I have to keep you guys up to date on our sweet Harley Girl.  
I know you all love the updates!

I not compensated at all by posting about our puppy who was purchased on our own accord.  I was not offered any products or money in return for this feature.
If you read the title, then you know that she is starting to "come into her own", I think.  I've never had a dog go into heat and I am honestly not looking forward to doggy diapers and the such...but I do want a healthy, emotional sound dog, so we are waiting until her first cycle to get her fixed.  

This means that she goes on hunger strikes...where her typical feeding times are left with a still full bowl and a puppy sleeping in her crate instead...even though the door is wide open. 
OUR male dog can't get enough of her already.  It's funny because he's pretty old and has some hip issues, but she will actually stand over him to have him smell her.  He gets excited, but is not able to jump, so he does a little dance to the side, which makes everyone in the house giggle!  It is pretty adorable...
She is continuing to grow, mature and become a very strong FEMALE DOG.  
She has lots of opinions & a strong voice!  
She is learning who is in charge and who is her playmate in our home.  
She is very smart, playful, aware and protective.  
When I am home with her, she is my shadow and I love it!  It also means that she is always under foot and sometimes I step back and accidentally step on her.  
HA HA!  I think I make her feel safe...
Do you have any helpful hints for me, about dealing with a female dog's cycle and "that time of the month"? 
Anything is helpful, as I am a first timer to this experience all together!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not paid or compensated at all and no products were sent for this feature.


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