Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Our Dog's Newest Craving - @MilkBone Farmer's Medley Biscuits #NationalDogBiscuitDay

Our dog is the best dog ever!  
Okay, I may be a little biased, but I sure love that good ol' boy!  
He's getting older now, so we are getting pickier and pickier about what we will feed him!  The cheaper dog food & dog treats aren't always the best option for him, especially with his aging bones and muscles.  

But our dog (like all dogs) loves treats, and honestly, we all love giving him a "little treat" here or there...  

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He's just one of the sweetest dogs! 
Did you know that Thursday, February 23rd, is #NationalDogBiscuitDay ?  
I had no idea that even existed...but I get to share more about that and the awesome new MilkBone Farmer's Medley Biscuits that Milk Bone has created!
MilkBone sent us a package that included three different varieties of of Farmer's Medley Biscuits!  What's different about these biscuits?  They are made with USA-sourced meat!  There is no fillers (gross, totally gaag worthy stuff), no corn and no artificial flavors or preservatives!  
We received three of their Grain FreeWhole Grain options!  
We layed out all three flavors:

Farmer’s Medley™ Grain Free With Turkey & Pumpkin Biscuits

We were curious which one he would eat first!  
He started with the Turkey & Pumpkin one.  Maybe because it had a different scent and taste than anything he's tried before?  HE LOVED IT!  
Then he ate the Chicken Biscuit and gobbled it down!  
Finally, he at the Beef Biscuit and he didn't even take a breath, because he scarfed it down so quickly!   They are the most adorable BITE SIZE portion, so they don't take long to eat!  
I'd say, he was a fan of all three flavors!  
I'm a fan too, because I know that when I give him a treat, for being a good boy, I am not giving him something that is potentially harmful to his body, is huge & might be too much of a treat, or is full of stuff that offers no nutritional value to his body.  Our goal is to keep him young, healthy and vibrant as long as we can, so healthy treats are the BEST KIND OF TREATS for him!
So not only did our dog get to do a taste testing of these new Milk Bone Farmer's Medley Biscuits, but he also got some pretty cool new swag too!  
Swag that got him playing & running around, which he needs to do in his older age!  
The best part about these Milk Bone Farmer's Medley Biscuits is that they are budget friendly too!  With a family the size of our's, our dog's treats have to be reasonably priced or they won't even be a consideration...to be completely honest!  Now our budget can feel satisfied about us purchasing these as well, as it won't bankrupt us to buy our dog healthier dog treats!  
What's your "GO TO" brand for dog treats?  
Do you check the ingredients before you buy them for your puppy or dog? 
What would be a draw, to buy or try something new for your dog?  
Would knowing that you're providing your dog with a more nutritional snack be KEY? 
Does PRICE matter, when buying your dog's treats? 

Next time you're in the market to buy dog treats, because you're doggy has run out or maybe just has earned the right to a reward...you should consider MilkBone Farmer's Medley Biscuits.
CLICK HERE to learn more now!

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

@Batteroo - Extend Your Battery Life For Those Important Moments You Don't Wanna Miss

As you know, we are getting married in a couple months...which means that I am in FULL wedding prep mode!!  One thing is certain, there will be lots of pictures taken on the day of our event, both by myself, the people at the wedding and the photographers being hired to capture the moments of the day.  

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Do you know what else that means?  I need lots of batteries!  Why?  A smart BRIDE is always prepared & my camera (which I love) takes four AA batteries.   Typically the batteries don't hold a charge long enough to capture all the moments of a day (when we are attending an event) without having to switch them out a couple of times.  And typically, I don't use cheap batteries in my camera, because the cheap ones won't even power up my camera or can only last for a picture or two (with flash) until they are dead.  
I'm not joking!  It's LAME & expensive!  
So that means that over time, I have spent LOTS of $$ on batteries...and I'm trying really hard to stick to a strict budget for the wedding...and batteries are really not on that list, if I can help it!
That's where BATTEROO Boost comes into play for our special day!
What if I told you that there is a product on the market now that will extend the life of or maximize the life of your batteries, just by slipping on the little metal sleeves?  
How can and will this change the frequency of how often you need to buy or change out batteries in your home?
With six kids who love to play on their Wii, love using remotes (all which takes multiple batteries) and even a mommy who loves taking pictures (a lot)...having a way to drastically or even somewhat extend the life of the batteries in each product would be a financial WIN for our family.  
Not just for the wedding day, but everyday!
It's so simple to use!!  
You basically put the thin metal Batteroo Boost sleeve over the battery and then insert it back into whatever device you are using.
Like I said before, I typically use a decent "brand" of battery in our remotes and especially in my camera, so they don't die quickly or as often...but using these Batteroo Boost sleeves will cause even less waste and help the environment in the long run, my extending my batteries ability to the max.
This definitely makes me a happy mommy and soon to be BRIDE too!
I have these Batteroo Boost sleeves on the batteries in my camera currently and can't wait to see how long they really make my current batteries last!  I'll be thrilled if I can get through more than one session or event (using the flash) without having to change the batteries!  I'll even be more thrilled if these Batteroo Boost sleeves will tap into my batteries potential and save me from having to change the batteries out during our WEDDING DAY!
CLICK HERE to learn more about Batteroo Boost and why this might be a "PLANET FRIENDLY" option for your household too.  
If you have a house full of children, have any products that use batteries or find yourself having to constantly have extra batteries on hand (just in case)...this might be just the product you've been hoping for too!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Apple Cider Vinegar - What's The Deal?

As you know, I'm avoiding the "PLAGUE" sickness that has had my girls down and out for a couple days already this week.  In an effort to make sure MOMMY stays healthy and unaffected, my Facebook friends made suggestions of things I could do to remain "free from" the tummy bug.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not provided product nor compensation in posting my honest opinion about Braggs Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar.  I am using some verbaige from www.davidwolfe.com for this blog post!  The information is linked to the specific webpage I used it from!

One of which my "soon to be husband" already does on a daily basis, so I figured I should probably give it a shot.  
LITERALLY (in a shot glass, because you can really only swallow one shot of this)!  

I mean, so far (from stuff I've seen online) it seems there are all kinds of benefits to this stuff:

1. Helps Heartburn and Acid Reflux

2. Promotes Healthy Cholesterol

4. Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar

5. Has Antioxidant Properties

6. Improves Nutrient Absorption

So today, I ran to our Super Target and bought some Unfiltered Apple Cidar Vinegar (this is the kind he uses, but just ran out...and so far I have refused to smell or taste).  I mixed it with a little honey and added a little cayenne pepper on top, stirred it, and downed it.  It really didn't taste that bad afterall, though I did COUGH, because the mix of vinegar and cayenne pepper kinda burned my throat a little on the way down.

Do you drink this stuff?  
Why do you drink it?
How do you mix up your drink so you can stomach swallowing it?  
Any pointers?

Leave a comment below...

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not given any product for review/feature or any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about this unfilitered apple cider vinegar drink.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Let's Talk FLU and NOROVIRUS - Because The Threat Is REAL!

It's the winter, and typically in the winter, people end up with the stomach flu or some strain of virus that is spreading through the schools, churchs, towns, etc.  
I'm hearing on the news this morning that schools are shutting down to disinfect, because the NOROVIRUS has infected the faculty and students.  
It's why doctors are always so heavily pushing their "FLU SHOT" (even though it only works on one strain of the flu and typically will give you flu like symptoms if you're at all sensitive to it)
...and why I am constantly reminding my kids to wash their hands, not share drinks with friends and to keep their hands to themselves.

No products were sent for this post!  I was not compensated by any company, in any way, by posting my motherly advice about how to rid your home of virus/flu germs.

Regardless the cause of it (cause who really knows)...getting rid of the virus or flu, getting the sick healthy again and preventing the spread of it (because most of the time it's highly contagious) are my MAIN CONCERNS when it comes to sicknesses.  Making sure that it only lasts as long as it has to and then once it's gone, it's gone!  BYE!  ADIOS! I also make sure (I try my best) that it's not shared with another healthy person in the house, it is not sent to the school to infect teachers & friends, and it is ultimately 100% terminated!

Thank goodness for LYSOL and CLOROX wipes and anything that kills bacteria and viruses.  I love a clean home all the time, but especially when I know that there is some little bug spreading around (one that may have already attacked a person or two in our household) and I am always praying it doesn't get shared with all eight of us.  Heck, I even spray out the cars, when they have transported people who are ill!

And for those who are infected with whatever strain of virus or flu it is...you must keep them hydrated, well rested (when my kids are home with the flu, they don't leave their beds unless they have to potty), and contained (so it isn't spread around the house).  I open the windows for some fresh air (yes, just a crack because it's pretty cool outside and raining today) and walk through the house spraying Lysol in the air and on anything that might be touched.  I do LAUNDRY all day, washing blankets, clothes, towels, etc.  And anything that gets put in the trash can, will make its way to the outside trash before evening, so no germs are laying around, waiting to infect the next innocent victim.

Do you take the FLU or "whatever" virus SERIOUSLY?  
Do you do everything you can to minimize the lengh of time it stays around and maximize protection against the spread of it?  

Maybe I'm paranoid, or maybe I'm just being smart when it comes to a household with eight people...but since we have the flu/virus in our home today...you can bet this is what I'll be doing all day today!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting tips about how to make the flu/virus be terminated!