Thursday, November 16, 2017


It's time for another update on our puppy HARLEY!!  
You guys have been enjoying this...right?
We've made it to her HALF Birthday!  She's officially 6 mos old!  
She's so funny!  She loves her big brother Bear and follows him around.  He's teaching her how to guard the yard and he's her favorite play mate. 
She's a bit of a MOMMY's girl and likes to keep an eye, foot or body part on me in some way, all day long.  If I go upstairs, she goes with me.  
If I am folding laundry, she's laying on the laundry room floor waiting for me.  
She's MY GIRL!
She goes on HUNGER STRIKES while the kids are at school, because she misses them.  Our youngest daughter is her favorite person to feed her!  It is adorable and makes our daughter feel a special connection with her.
She is smart and learning tricks!  
This is her "sitting pretty".  Pretty good, right?
She is by far the most obedient, self aware and curious puppy I've ever had or trained.  I'll chalk that up to her breed and the fact that she is just a good temperment dog...and I'll count my blessings!

ENJOY THE PUPPY UPDATE and keep checking we inch our way towards a year!  
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about this puppy update.

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