Friday, November 10, 2017


There are a few VETERANS in my life that mean the world to me...

I was not paid to feature this post!  There was no monetary compensation by me posting about this hashtag or Veterans Day.

Do you have a VETERAN in your life you can HUG TODAY?
My Grandpa was a WWII War Air Force Veteran!  
He was a bomber pilot and was amazingly brave and focused!  He was an extremely humble man who lived a life of integity & morals.  
I was proud to be his Granddaughter, even though we didn't share the same DNA.  
My oldest son has always admired him, the stories he would share with him about his war time and just about life, and has always been super proud to be his Great Grandson.  
My daddy is a Veteran too, just like his dad!  
He proudly served in the Air Force, and after his service in the military, became a 25 year Air Traffic Controller.  I'm proud to be a daughter of a Veteran man who works fiercly and did an amazing job providing for his family over the years.  He's thoughtful, loving and a wonderful Grandpa to my kids!  In fact, he even officiated my wedding day in May, which was another proud daddy/daughter moment.  My dad lives in Texas and is too far away for me to to HUG I am posting this picture from my wedding day because the PURE JOY on his face makes me smile even now!  

There are more Veteran's in my life who I would love to other Grandfather (who is also no longer on earth), etc.  
I've been raised by a family of Veterans!
Chances are there are some in your life that you could offer a hug to, today too.  
DO IT!  
You never know...they might REALLY NEED THAT HUG!!

There were no products sent for this feature!  I was not compensated in any way by posting my personal interest in Veterans day or #hugaveteran

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