Thursday, August 10, 2017

Great Places To EAT OUT In Old Town Temecula, CA #goodeats #espadin #lukesonfront

Thursday night means DATE NIGHT for us!
We get to enjoy dinner out and a little ALONE TIME together as newlyweds!

No products were offered for this review/feature.  I was not compensated monetarily by posting my honest opinion about these dining choices in Old Town Temecula.
Tonight we headed to Old Town Temecula to enjoy dinner at a restaurant I've been following (sorta stalking) on Facebook for the past month or so, as they planned to open.  
Every post I've seen makes my mouth water! 
It's literally been open 8 days so far and from all the posts I'd was a place I wanted to eat we had to try it tonight!

Espadin in Old Town Temecula has a classy Cantina feel to it...
Like their shirts say, "MEZCAL + COCINA"

We started with chips and salsa (which was amazing...and we were hungry).  
Then we tried Tortilla de Queso Tostado "Quesadilla" and it too was so good!
Then we decided to do their Tacos De La Calle!  
He had four different tacos and I had three. 
I'd list them all, but I think you'd just better head over and try them yourself! 
To say they were amazing was an understatement!  
Is your mouth watering yet?  
Each taco was different, flavorful and delicious!  YUM!
The atmosphere and food was charming and we will definitely be coming back again to try even more things on their unique, appetizing menu.
Oh...and don't worry...they do have HAPPY HOUR too!
After dinner, we had to (HAD TO) walk down to Lukes on Front Street in Old Town Temecula, so I could some Creme Brulee.  
They have the best creme brulee ever!!
If you've never been to Lukes, they also have an sublime menu, a terrific view of Old Town Temecula and friendly service & staff.  
They host plenty of wedding receptions, anniversary parties, local group meetings, etc.  
It's an amazing place to have a party!

TONIGHT was a delicious night and my tummy is super full!

I highly recommend both Espadin and Luke's...if you're ever in the Old Town Temecula, CA area.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting about both of these restaurants and their food.

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