Monday, June 5, 2017

My Clothes Buying Secret - Shhhh It's @AliExpress

There are so many ADORABLE women's clothing boutiques online, that sell the most adorable trendy tees right now.  Have you seen them?  Some of them have the cutest sayings I've ever seen.  Some of them relate to mom's...other's to certain activities, etc.  
Some of them are so expensive, I could only afford one t-shirt on my budget!

I am an affiliate with AliExpress.  Any purchases made through the links on my site will earn me some money.  I purchased all the t-shirts listed below on my own accord, they were NOT sent free of charge for this review/feature.  

Maybe it's just me...but I WANT THEM ALL!!  
I hate being restricted to how much I can buy because of the price of something!  
Especially when I know for a fact that the prices are inflated a lot in some of these online boutique stores!

I found a secret, which actually enables to me to afford as many of these adorable tees and I want to buy.  NO...I'm not lying!  I'm dead serious!  
I'm on a tight budget, so when it comes to buying clothes for myself, I rarely do...unless I can find a bargain.  

Are you ready for my secret?  

This website has just about everything you can imagine.  NOT EVEN KIDDING!  You can buy a wedding dress or outfit your entire wedding party.  You can dress your kids, husband and even yourself with the trendiest clothing for CHEAP!  
They have house goods, electronics and so much more!  

But Shhhhhh....It's my secret!  
Okay, maybe it can be yours too.  
CHECK OUT THESE ADORABLE tees I just recently bought from ALIEXPRESS.

These tops range in prices, but nothing over $10 is shown above!  
I'm serious!!
Isn't that incredible?  
The only challenge is waiting for your package to arrive, because most of it is shipped from overseas.   But depending on what you're buying a lot of the products come with free shipping too! To me, the wait is worth the fact that I get a plethora of clothes for very little $$ and yet I look like a million bucks (if I was buying them from the online boutiques I've seen).  I'd be iffy, but I've had nothing but a great experience with them and so far, have been nothing but satisfied with how my money was spent.

CLICK HERE to check out all that AliExpress has to offer you and your family!

I will make money based off the purchases of products through my affiliate links.  All the items pictured above were purchased on my own accord and were not sent free of charge.  

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