Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I'm Sick To My Stomach - MILLENNIALS...Is This Where We Are Headed?

I just watched one of the most disturbing videos on YouTube that I've seen in quite a while.  
I'm so bothered & upset about it, I had to come home from dropping all of our kids off at school to talk it over with you guys!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting my opinion on this topic!  I'm truly upset and disgusted and need to share, in hopes of opening some eyes to the generation we are raising!


PARENTS...we need a wake up call...LIKE RIGHT NOW!!

Please watch this video (all of it):
How do you feel after watching it?
Do you feel bad for the Millennial Generation?
Does it make you want to sponsor a child?

Want to know how it makes me feel?  Sick to my stomach!  Like I better step up my game as a parent, so that my kids turn out to be capable, self sufficient, & independent adults.  

Let me take you back to when I was 15.  I spent my entire life's savings ($800 of birthday money, babysitting money, etc.) on my 1984 Pontiac Fiero that we purchased at an auction.  My dad paid the other half.   From that moment on, that car was my responsibility.  The maintenance, the insurance, the gas to drive it, etc.  I worked the summer of my Junior year (when I started actually driving the car) and eventually worked a full time job at the hospital from 3:00-11:00pm every weekday night (after a full day of school) my SENIOR YEAR of high school, just to be able to afford to drive (and keep that car driving) around.  I didn't get to hang out with my friends.  I didn't get to sing in choir (though I had the other three years)!  I didn't get to play tennis or any do cheerleading either.  I WORKED!!  I worked hard!  But I learned to manage money, to provide for myself and to handle it!

How many kids now days pay for their phone service every month?
Pay for their cars (payments and insurance)?
Pay for the gas in their cars?
Pay for the designer clothes they have to have?
Pay for the STARBUCKS they insist on drinking everyday?


As an adult, I've had to sell off things that I loved...even valuables, to make ends meet for me and my kids at times.  I've cried myself to sleep at night, wondering how I was going to manage to pay the bills, keep the electricity turned on and have enough food on the table to feed my kids.  I struggled, I wiggled, I worked my butt off, I sold things that I never wanted to sell, I stepped out of my comfort zone & begged for employment, and I FOUGHT to provide for them...because I was capable of doing that!  Because my parents raised me to be strong, confident and gave me tools (through the struggles & life lessons I went through in my upbringing) to manage.   I can say that I was proud of my parents, now that I can look back through adult eyes, for letting me manage through the struggles myself.

WE are raising a generation with their HANDS OUT!  They pout if they don't have the newest iPhone or can't get a Starbucks before school.  They get seriously upset and bothered when their smallest need isn't met in an instant.  LIKE SERIOUSLY!!  We better jump the second they yell help or they might need years of therapy later on because we didn't.  
We cater to their every whim, in a hope that they won't have to struggle and hurt in life.

STRUGGLING is part of growing up!  We, as parents, hate to see our kids hurting!  Trust me, I'm a very sympathetic mommy and I love my kids more than I love myself.  However, the reality is that LIFE IS HARD!  It throws us curve balls, it sometimes kicks us in the balls and we have to still keep GOING!!  Are we teaching our children to manage through it?  Are we letting the kids struggle, fall and instead of being their security blanket (or wrapping them in bubble wrap so they don't feel anything)...just being a net to keep them from hitting rock bottom?  OR are we spoiling them?  Do we hear their requests and jump immediately to get for them or do for them exactly what they want, the minute that they want it?

This YouTube video really struck me this morning HARD, because there truly are people who are STARVING TO DEATH in this world.  Children who have no food to eat, no clean water to drink and families who are dying from diseases because they have NO HELP!  These are not the kids being raised in the USA.  The spoiled rotten children (I'm just as guilty as the rest in spoiling mine too), who can't lift a finger, who can't hold steady jobs as adults and who can't seem to function or make a decision without someone else doing it for them.

WE ARE AT FAULT PARENTS!  It's our job to help them grow to become independent adults.  If we are doing everything for them, giving everything to them and not letting them struggle & grow on their own...we are raising a GENERATION OF NEEDY people who won't be able to handle what the REAL WORLD throws at them.  WE will be launching them into life feeling like victims!  They are going to hate us someday for not helping them become independent...or they are going to hate us for their failures, because they easily place blame on everyone but themselves.  They are going to be parents teaching their kids to expect instead of do!

My advice...wake up!  STOP CATERING and start helping your kids out!  Don't mamby pamby around their emotions, afraid they might get angry with you!  LIFE IS HARD!  It's our job to teach them to be strong enough to manage through adulthood independently and capable, despite hardships and hurt.  It's our job to support them and encourage them that they can do whatever they set their minds to!  It's our job to let them know we are here for them...but not enabling them to rely solely on us providing for them.  
Honestly, they have to do it for themselves!  
They have to be the ones who stumble and cry and GROW!

Otherwise, we'll be sponsoring the kids of the they can enjoy their yoga classes, eat expensive meals out at gourmet restaurants and carry the latest version of the iPhone in their pockets...

~One Not So Bored Mommy

P.S.  Feel free to comment below!  I'm sure I'll get some mixed emotions about this...but I had to speak my mind after watching that video this morning!  So ridiculous and yet, so real for this generation we are raising!  It really does scare me!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated by posting my honest opinion about this Youtube video or my feelings on the topic!

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  1. I'm not sure if you know this, but this is a parody video. It's not real.