Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I'm not going to lie!  I LOVE SUMMER! 
Don't you? 
I love not having to set an alarm for super early morning wake ups!  
Sleeping in, during the summer, is the best!  

I was not paid in any way by posting about this idea for the summer!  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting this idea I found I pinterest and sharing with other parents about this way to keep their kids motivated and accountable this summer!

But I also want to keep our kids accountable this summer!  
The struggle is real!
Despite my desire to slack and soak up the sunshine...I need to make sure they stay functional, because the next school year will be quickly approaching.  

MY APPROACH this summer is this:
I found this on PINTEREST (click on it and it will link you right to it) and I love it!

I printed one out for each of the kids and every morning, it's their responsibility to do all the stuff on the top of the list and at least two to three things on the bottom of the list.
Our youngest...who is a total GO GETTER...is SUPER MOTIVATED by it!  
He loves having a list to check off his accomplishments!  
He gets up, gets the things on the top of the list checked off and then starts on the bottom.  
This morning, he's coloring a bookmark he made out of plain printer paper.  
Everyone else in the house is still sleeping, but this kid is all ready, ready for his day, singing GOD BLESS AMERICA while he colors!  
If you have kiddos at home and are looking for a way to keep them motivated and accountable this summer...I recommend trying this out!  So far, even with my older kids...it seems to be working.  
Our electronic obsession is taking a back seat to things, until their SUMMER RULES check list is completed daily!  

How do you keep your kids busy and motivated during the summer?  
Please share your ideas in the comments below!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about this idea to help parents keep their kids motivated during the summer months!

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