Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Why We Gave Her Hair "THE CHOP" - @Pantene

Our oldest daughter has the most beautiful thick, long, "make any woman jealous" hair.  
She's been growing it out for a few years (when it's straight, it almost touches the floor), in hopes of donating some of her hair to a provide a person or child in need of a wig (because of chemo treatments or other health issues) some of her amazing locks.

No products were sent for this review/feature!  I was not provided any monetary compensation by posting about our daughter's hair donation to the Pantene Great Lengths program.
Don't worry, we've done our research and made sure that we were going to send her hair to THE RIGHT PLACE.  A place that wouldn't charge an arm and leg for the person in need to be able to receive a wig made of her hair.  
DO YOUR RESEARCH...there are programs out there that will take your hair and use it for profit.   
Last night, after video taping (yeah, this mommy was thinking ahead) her promising me that she definitely wanted to do this and wouldn't be mad when we had finished...and her hair was cut off...we proceeded in the process of cutting her hair to donate to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program.  They donate the hair to provide wigs for women who have cancer, through the American Cancer Society.
So we measured, and I divided her hair into sections because it's so long and thick...
And then we gave her hair the chop!
Her hair is still long, in my opinion and as thick (if not thicker) than ever.  
She really has beautiful hair.
She did panic a little (but no tears were shed) when it was over, just because her hair doesn't "almost touch the floor" anymore.  But since summer is on it's way, which means plenty of swimming, beach days and more, having less hair to take care of will be a huge benefit to her too.  
She's going to love having a little bit shorter, easier to take care of hair...until it grows back out again!
 I am so proud of her!  
What a sweet way to reach out to someone who obviously is having a rough time in life and lift them up, raise their spirits, and give them the chance to feel beautiful again...because of her donation.  SO SWEET!!  

My kids make me so VERY proud!!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about her donation to the Pantene Great Lengths program.


  1. She's beautiful inside and out :) What an awesome thing to do!

  2. Which means if your hair is each of the one length and you need the layers to fall 1 inch over the hair line. at that point once you bring the hair up to edge just referenced trim 1 inch offhead hair cutting machine