Monday, May 29, 2017


Memorial Day is a time for us to reflect on those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in keeping our country 
"The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave"!  
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about Memorial Day or my feelings on this day!

Honestly, it you ask families who have experienced this type of loss, they probably wouldn't be celebrating today with a HAPPY.  
Can you blame them?  
Proud and honored for sure, but definitely not a HAPPY Day!  
I'm not sure there is enough THANK YOU's that could be said to all the veterans who never made it home to their families, never saw their kids grow up, and never got to hug their wife or mom again.  

These holidays always choke me up so much!  
I'm just wired to be very patriotic at heart!
I was raised by a strong AIR FORCE Family!  
My Grandpa was served in the Air Force, as well as my dad.  
Who knows, maybe one of our boys will follow in that tradition too?  
You never know...

My Grandpa may have not lost his life fighting in WWII, but he definitely could have, with the missions he flew and was involved with in his time serving in the Air Force.  When these types of holidays come around, I always think of him and my heart fills with memories of him!  He flew several missions, as a bomber pilot (his plane was Little Dinah), and in my opinion was truly a hero too.  He was in the 350th Bomb Squadron.  I remember the stories he used to tell me, and my kids, about his time serving in WWII...and of his crew's bravery.  
He was such a humble & brave man of integrity.

So make sure today, you THANK a Veteran, but especially send some extra love and prayers to those families who's VETERANS gave their life for our FREEDOM.  


I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about my Grandpa's service or my thanks to those who gave their life for our freedom, as we observe Memorial Day.

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