Friday, May 19, 2017

If You're Ever In Vegas - YOU MUST EAT AT @GiadaVegas

We are a blended family now!  
*hip hip hooray*
WE did take a weekend, in place of an actual week long honeymoon, to get away for a few enjoy our newly wedded bliss!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about our experience at Giada's restaurant in Vegas.  We paid for this dinner from money gifted to us for our honeymoon from friends and family!

We headed to Las Vegas...
While some people go to Las Vegas to party, drink, make bad decisions and regret it all after the weekend is over...we enjoyed a very relaxing & refreshing time in Vegas, despite all the walking we did while we were there (over 26 miles, thanks to my iPhone for keeping track).   
We managed to see (3) amazing & captivating shows, nap almost every afternoon and enjoy some EXQUISITE FOOD too!!
On our second night in Vegas, we had reservations for Giada, in the Cromwell.  
As a HUGE "FOOD NETWORK" fan, I was curious how her food would really taste in real life.  
Of course, I know she isn't in the kitchen, sweating over the details...but her name is on the restaurant and her heart goes into everything that does come out of that kitchen (whether she is there or not)

I LOVE GOOD FOOD!  I love to enjoy gourmet dinners!  

I know that those meals typically come with a pretty hefty price tag...and Giada's restaurant is not on the "CHEAP" experience list in Vegas.  But...we were gifted money for this exact purpose (for this exact restaurant) we could tantalize our taste buds while we experienced our first weekend together as a married couple (since we were kid free).
WE were offered complimentary champagne to toast our celebration of our honeymoon, which was a sweet treat and we enjoyed that very much!  
After looking over the menu and chatting over the selection, we both decided to enjoy the TASTING MENU.  This was an experience for us to enjoy, as if we were invited to one of Giada's personally hosted parties
The meal started with Bread/Cracker board. It had several different toppings for us to try out, as we enjoyed every bite of the crispy crunch.
We were then brought out the Antipasti, which consisted of bacon wrapped dates (heavenly and my favorite), some sort of cheese stuffed in peppers (they were warm and delicious) and a two baguettes with some beef, pickle and toppings.  All of the items on this plate were quickly devoured and we savoured every last bit of them.

(Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the next course because we were too busy enjoying it!)

Next, our second course was the Lemon Creme Spaghetti and the Rigatoni.  
OH MY GOODNESS! The Lemon Spaghetti was our favorite of the two, but we enjoyed sharing both together.
Our third course, we both decided on the Grilled 7oz Filet (which was cooked to perfection and could have been cut with a butter knife it was so tender), served with a balsamic red wine reduction and mashed potatoes.
  This was served with the Lemon Smashed Potatoes and the Creamy Polenta (HOLY HEAVENS was this good)

Finally, we were greeted by the Dessert CART that had made it's way over to our table. 
We were offered a selection of items to enjoy, including a Limoncello Cheesecake and so much more (see picture above).  Our plate was even personally decorated for our special HONEYMOON dinner to congratulate us!  
I absolutely love all those little personal touches!  

We left Giada's full and satisfied...but not feeling STUFFED or gross.  It's one of the other reasons I love eating gourmet meals.  They come out in small portions, progressively.  It really makes you realize how much we OVER EAT as Americans...when you do experience gourmet eating.  
I'm certain that there was not a lack of calories in the food we enjoyed...but at least we didn't over indulge either!

Our overall experience at Giada's at the Cromwell was PERFECT from start to finish.  They even sent us off with an autographed menu from our honeymoon meal.  

 Who knows, maybe next time we eat there, we'll have the chance to meet her ourselves.  
We heard she does make an appearance to check on things every few weeks.

If you're ever in Las Vegas and feel like spending a little extra to have a gourmet meal...please go to Giada's.  
It's worth every penny!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about our experience at Giada's restaurant.

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