Friday, April 14, 2017

When The Kids Are Sick, This Is My New Best Friend - @Kinsa Smart Thermometer

I absolutely DREAD it!

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There is nothing worse for a parent, than having a child...burning up with a fever, fatigued from whatever their little body is fighting...and not being able to do anything for them to make it any better till it passes.  To make matters worse, not having a thermometer in the house that takes an accurate temperature or that takes forever to give that read out is never good.  
NO CHILD likes to have their temperature taken when they are sick!  
With six kids in the house (the picture above shows them healthy & happy), being able to get their accurate temperature is SUPER important, so we have an idea of how sick they really are.  
Especially for those times when they really may not "be sick" after all.  
I mean, we have all tried to "be sick" to avoid going to school at some point in our lives.
I was so excited to receive the Kinsa Smart Thermometer in the mail for our family to have & use from here on out...and trust me, we will!  
This little device will come in more handy than I even realized!

I've struggled in the past with thermometers that we've spent a large amount of money on...only to find that they don't take accurate temperatures.  
In fact, their temperature taking can be quite spotty.
The Kinsa Health #1 Smart Thermometer has an app that you download on your phone (it only takes a few seconds to load, either iphone or android).  
It's super user friendly, and the thermometer is calibrated and ready to use within a few minutes.  
I love that they have a little "game" (pop the bubble) for the kids to play while the thermometer is taking the reading.  This will keep them entertained for a moment, help mom out with the distraction of bubble popping, and give the thermometer enough time to really tell what is going on in their little bodies.  I know...I know...taking the temperature of a child that won't hold still is SO HARD...but honestly, this is a great way to distract & entertain, so you don't have to worry.
I drank a sip of coffee and took my temperature first (since we don't have anyone sick in our house currently...KNOCK ON WOOD) and I'd say it gave a pretty accurate temperature.  
Which also tells me that if I see a child having a sip of something warm before I take their temp, it could cause the thermometer to have a higher read out.  Just thinking ahead...
After the first reading (which showed an obvious fever), I took a sip of cool water and took my temperature a second see what it would say...and it was pretty accurate too.  Since I am not currently sick, I am not running a fever and therefore have a very accurate reading of 98 degrees.

This Kinsa Health #1 Smart Thermometer is seriously going to be so handy to have in our home, with so many people.  One thing that I will pay close attention to, is giving it a thorough cleaning (sterilize) after every use (if we are using it orally or anally), so we don't infect others with sickness.  You can also use this thermometer under the armpit and anally (for infants if necessary).

CLICK HERE to learn more about this Kinsa Health #1 Smart Thermometer for your family!  
Trust me, I've tried a few thermometers in my time and this one is by far, the most user friendly & accurate...from what I can tell.  
Plus, it entertains your little one, when they are feeling icky, so you can really know what's going on with their little bodies.

The product sent for this review/feature was sent free of charge.  Kinsa is an affiliate of the One Not So Bored Mommy Blogspot and I will receive a commission if products are purchased from the links on my review/feature!  I was not offered any other monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about this product!

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  1. I think this sounds like an excellent thermometer! I will consider this for a gift to new mothers!