Saturday, April 1, 2017

I LOVE My @Target RedCard! YOU NEED ONE OF THESE $$ Savers!

We live super close to a HUGE, AWESOME AMAZING Store!  I bet you can't guess which one it is!!

There were no products sent for this review/feature.  The only monetary compensation for this post will be if someone purchases something through one of my affiliate links on this page.  Target did not offer me any other monetary compensation by posting my honest feelings about their stores.

It's a Super Target.  TARGET is MY store!  
It's the place that I love to wander and browse!  
I just simply enjoy being in Target!
Maybe it sounds weird or maybe you're a mommy like me that absolutely LOVES TARGET TOO!
Do you feel the same way about Target?  Comment below!

Regardless, I would do a whole lot less shopping at Target if I didn't have the Target RED CARD.  This baby saves me 5% off all my purchases.  Basically, it helps pay for the tax (in the savings) of almost every shopping trip I make to Target.  It's awesome!  It's the best feeling to see my total, and then watch the savings hit and amount drops!  It always makes me smile!  I love saving money!

It's super easy to apply for one!  They have two options too:  a Credit Card version (that checks your credit) before approval and a Debit Style card (that pulls money directly from your bank account).  Both save you the 5%, so it really depends on what you need or want for you or your family.

Plus, if you shop online, and use your RED CARD to pay, the shipping is free on most items!
So what are you waiting for?  

A second way I love to save $$ at Target is through their Cartwheel app.  
It's so easy to use, you simply open the app in the store, scan the products, add them to your list and then at check out, have them scan your bar code.  You can save so much $$ just using that...but when you double it with the Red Card 5% savings, it's an AMAZING DEAL!!

So head over online to:
Download the cartwheel app, apply for the Target Red card and you can start thanking me when you see all the money you are saving using both these great tools at Target!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I am an affiliate with Target and will receiving some monetary compensation if someone clicks through one of my links and makes a purchase, applies for a red card, etc.  Otherwise, I was not compensated by posting my honest opinion about my love for Target.

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