Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Hey Guys...Summer will be here before you know it!

I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinions on this discount offer.  I am being offered four free tickets for our family to go this summer.  We will have to pay, on our own accord, for the other four tickets.

What do you have planned to do with your kids during the summer?  
Have you ever considered taking them all to a water park to play for a day?  

We are super excited to check out this water park this summer and you can too with this great offer!
RAGING WATERS is offering my readers a GREAT Discount to head to their water park this summer.  You can save $8 on tickets during the weekday and $5 on tickets during the weekends of the summer months!

This is an excellent way to break the kids away from the screens and get them outside to play as a family! 

YOU CAN CLICK HERE or use the PROMO CODE: notsoboredSBlog17  at check out to enjoy these exclusive savings!

I was not paid to feature this post!  We will be provided four tickets to visit this water park this summer, but have to pay for the remainder of the tickets for our family to go.  

Friday, April 21, 2017

In Case I'm MIA The Next Week or Two... HERE'S WHY!!

GUYS...are you ready for this??

I'm getting married in 15 days!  
There's no wedding planner hired!  That's all on me! 
No catering staff!  Me again!
No makeup or hair lady for me & my girls!  That's me again!  

I have managed to secure the most amazing OFFICIANT ever (my daddy), FUN & FIESTY DJ, Two talented photographers to capture our special moments and I think I have everything else ready to go too!   I'm so excited!
But because of all that needs to happen, it means that this mommy needs to have all her ducks in a row to pull off an amazing day for all of our family and very closest friends!  Really, it's going to be more of a BIG, FANCIER party to celebrate us finally, legally becoming a family!  I am doing it, however, around our typically busy schedule with the kids, my work schedule and other's schedules as they arrive for our wedding from out of town.

Since we're down to the wire, I may be a little distant...don't worry, it's not because I forgot about you guys!  It's because...

I'm getting married in 15 days!
So please check back often, share with your friends about my site and I promise to be back even better than ever...as a MRS. and officially as a blended family blog from then on out!  

If you have any last minute advice for this "BRIDE TO BE", feel free to leave it in the comment section below!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about the fact that my wedding is coming up in 15 days!

Friday, April 14, 2017

When The Kids Are Sick, This Is My New Best Friend - @Kinsa Smart Thermometer

I absolutely DREAD it!

The product sent for this review/feature was sent free of charge by the company.  Kinsa is an affiliate of the One Not So Bored Mommy Blogspot and therefore, I will receive monetary compensation should a purchase be made through one of my links on this post.  I was not offered any other monetary compensation for my honest review/feature of this product!

There is nothing worse for a parent, than having a child...burning up with a fever, fatigued from whatever their little body is fighting...and not being able to do anything for them to make it any better till it passes.  To make matters worse, not having a thermometer in the house that takes an accurate temperature or that takes forever to give that read out is never good.  
NO CHILD likes to have their temperature taken when they are sick!  
With six kids in the house (the picture above shows them healthy & happy), being able to get their accurate temperature is SUPER important, so we have an idea of how sick they really are.  
Especially for those times when they really may not "be sick" after all.  
I mean, we have all tried to "be sick" to avoid going to school at some point in our lives.
I was so excited to receive the Kinsa Smart Thermometer in the mail for our family to have & use from here on out...and trust me, we will!  
This little device will come in more handy than I even realized!

I've struggled in the past with thermometers that we've spent a large amount of money on...only to find that they don't take accurate temperatures.  
In fact, their temperature taking can be quite spotty.
The Kinsa Health #1 Smart Thermometer has an app that you download on your phone (it only takes a few seconds to load, either iphone or android).  
It's super user friendly, and the thermometer is calibrated and ready to use within a few minutes.  
I love that they have a little "game" (pop the bubble) for the kids to play while the thermometer is taking the reading.  This will keep them entertained for a moment, help mom out with the distraction of bubble popping, and give the thermometer enough time to really tell what is going on in their little bodies.  I know...I know...taking the temperature of a child that won't hold still is SO HARD...but honestly, this is a great way to distract & entertain, so you don't have to worry.
I drank a sip of coffee and took my temperature first (since we don't have anyone sick in our house currently...KNOCK ON WOOD) and I'd say it gave a pretty accurate temperature.  
Which also tells me that if I see a child having a sip of something warm before I take their temp, it could cause the thermometer to have a higher read out.  Just thinking ahead...
After the first reading (which showed an obvious fever), I took a sip of cool water and took my temperature a second time...to see what it would say...and it was pretty accurate too.  Since I am not currently sick, I am not running a fever and therefore have a very accurate reading of 98 degrees.

This Kinsa Health #1 Smart Thermometer is seriously going to be so handy to have in our home, with so many people.  One thing that I will pay close attention to, is giving it a thorough cleaning (sterilize) after every use (if we are using it orally or anally), so we don't infect others with sickness.  You can also use this thermometer under the armpit and anally (for infants if necessary).

CLICK HERE to learn more about this Kinsa Health #1 Smart Thermometer for your family!  
Trust me, I've tried a few thermometers in my time and this one is by far, the most user friendly & accurate...from what I can tell.  
Plus, it entertains your little one, when they are feeling icky, so you can really know what's going on with their little bodies.

The product sent for this review/feature was sent free of charge.  Kinsa is an affiliate of the One Not So Bored Mommy Blogspot and I will receive a commission if products are purchased from the links on my review/feature!  I was not offered any other monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about this product!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It's So Easy To Rent A Suit Or Tux ONLINE With @StitchAndTie for Men Or Women

There are a lot of people who would much prefer to do all their shopping ONLINE!

Can I get a raise of hands please?

No products were sent for this review/feature!  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about this new online rental store.  

I know that when it comes to lots of things, I'm right there with you!  
2017 makes it so convenient to do most of our everyday shopping, grocery shopping (yes, they even deliver) and even TUXEDO & Suit Rental shopping online!

Crazy, right?  It's almost like "THE JETSON'S", with how far we are coming with advancements of things that make our lives a little easier and less stressful!

for men and women!   
They make the process super easy, they have competative prices and when you're finished wearing it, you can just simply mail it back!  EASY PEASY!

Browse their fine collection and pick out the suit or tuxedo that you envision yourself wearing.

  • CLICK HERE to learn more about Stitch & Tie and perhaps 
  • this will be the BEST way to go for handling your rentals for your
  •  next formal event, wedding or even for your high schooler's 
  • PROM look next year!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated monetarily by posting about this new online store.  Friar Tux is providing the suit rentals for our wedding free of charge for our upcoming wedding!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Frozen Food...It's What's For Dinner - @RedsBurritos

I just worked a REALLY long shift at work!
Long for me at least...
Serving food at a restaurant is a lot of work!  
So when I clocked out...I was literally starving!

All products (coupons for free product) were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about these products.

Since I was the only one home this evening,  I was excited and relieved that I could come home to enjoy a hot, organic, & perservative free meal, that was ready to eat in a matter of minutes! 
Are you a little bit curious what I ate for dinner?
Let's start at the beginning...
A couple days ago, in the mail, I received four coupons, to enjoy FOUR of Red's All Natural frozen products for FREE for this review/feature.
I purchased FOUR different Red's All Natural Products at our local CVS store.  
They were all reasonably priced, even without the coupons, and there was more selection than just the ones I picked out.  I came home, put them in the freezer and knew I would be enjoying them soon!
Two different types of burritos and two different types of enchiladas...these would make for a tasty meal!

So as soon as I got hom, I pulled the chicken enchiladas out of the freezer and heated them up the "preferred way"...IN THE MICROWAVE!  I kinda giggled when I saw that, because I was excited that I could eat them quicker and that using the microwave was the "BEST WAY" to make that happen!  I punctured the film, heated them up, let them sit and then I transferred them to a plate, mainly because I wanted to feel better about eating a frozen meal.  These enchiladas were not spicy...in fact, the sauce is kind of bland.  I know that some people would prefer it being mild, because they can spice it up more on their own....instead of over seasoning them.  So I added some fresh salsa and they were very good.  
I ate them both and felt pretty guilt free about the fact that they were only 380 calories total and 20 grams of protein.  

I was so hungry after my work shift (this is not normal because I would typically be full after the enchiladas), I also decided to try the Chicken, Cilantro & Lime Burrito too.  This burrito only has 250 calories and 12 grams of protein.  The preferred method for cooking it, was to defrost the burrito in the microwave for about 1 minute, then to transfer to a pre-heated oven for 12-15 minutes.  YUMMY!  The tortilla was crispy and the insides were warm & tasty.   I also topped it with some fresh salsa and after indulging in this burrito as well, I am totally stuffed and satisfied! 
After Mike found himself loving his wife Paige's burritos, he decided they were good enough to share with the world too.  Their dog, "Red", gave his approval, and from there...it was history.

I have a couple more products in the freezer, left to try...TWO to be exact, and I can't wait!

Have you tried any of Red's All Natural Frozen Products before? 

CLICK HERE to learn more about their selection and where they sell them & you can buy them.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only with teh coupons sent for the free products, so I could do this review/feature!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Healthy Grab & Go Snacks For Summer Snacking - @SlammersSnacks

During the summer months (we are so close), I try my best to keep the kids on the go!  
We try to do as many OUTDOOR, hands on activities as we can...so we don't get lost in Video Game land.  

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company being featured!  I was not offered any monetary compensation for sharing my honest opinion about these products.

The struggle is real!  
But this mama focuses on making summer as FUN and educational as I can!  
But that means that we do a lot of car riding to places like the beach, amusement parks, etc.  
That also means that I need to have some snacks packed to take with us as we go!
We received several packs of Slammers Snacks!  
These Organic fruit & protein packed pouches are an amazing option for an "on the go" snack!  
I chilled a few Slammers Snacks yesterday when they arrived, so we could taste test them and make sure the kids were fans!  We received a few boxes of the Pomegranate Grape Crush and Bananas, Blueberries, Strawberries, Beets, Acai & Amarath.
Our youngest daughter tried both flavors and it turns out, she really isn't a fan.  I think honestly, it's more about the fact that she's eating out of a pouch (she thinks it's a baby thing...because they do put a lot of baby foods in these pouch style packages too).  The funny thing?  My soon to be husband saw these in the fridge as soon as he got home from work and he immediately ate one himself and loved it!  So I guess these pouches are for any age!  I mean, healthy snacks are good for all ages!

Our youngest son loved both flavors.  He sucked them down!  I mean, look at his cute little face...so excited about this new healthy snack!  And honestly, I don't have to worry about him enjoying them by the masses (because this kid is always hungry), because they are good for him.  They are made with organic fruits & veggies.  They are sweetened with organic fruit juices.
These pouches are also perfect for packing in lunches, bringing to your kid's sports team events as the "after game" snack for the team, etc.
CLICK HERE to learn more about these Slammers Snacks and where they are sold locally in your town!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!

Friday, April 7, 2017

#Win Your Copy Of "SING" Today - Bluray/DVD/Digital Copy #Giveaway

One of the things my kids and I have in common is our love of a good story!  
For the past 15 years, the majority of movies I've watched have been PG rated and mostly cartoons & animation...because I am a mommy of so many kids!  
Honestly, I don't mind...though some might!  
Especially in this day and age, a lot of the stories in these animated movies are really good!  
Even better than the messages in movies intended for adults.

We received this gift pack, sent from Illumination Entertainment, free of charge for this review/feature!  The gift pack included the bluray/dvd/digital copy of the movie, t-shirts, keychains and character pencil toppers.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about the movie, or our feelings on the movie.  

We love movies that have good, positive messages that really help encourage our kids to strive for their goals and to push through, even when the odds are against them all.
Our REAL LIFE is so full of struggles and strife too, it's always enouraging to have our kids know that no matter how hard life is, and despite struggles, you can always overcome them if you never give up!  
Attitude really is everything sometimes!
One movie, that we really enjoyed seeing recently from Illumination Entertainment, that is now out on Bluray/DVD/Digital Copy is "SING".  
I think that each one of us could relate to one of the characters in the movie in some way or another.  Plus we love movies with great music too!  
This one was a double dose of both!
I could definitely relate to Reese Witherspoon's character Rosita (the mother pig with 25 piglets).  
She loves being a mommy & loves her little piglets (all 25 of them).  But she is just wanting to know that she is more than just a mom!  
This is a struggle that a lot of "stay at home moms" deal with.  
She is talented in other ways, other than caring for her young, and she learns to let that inner DIVA shine through!  Her family learns to appreciate her more (for all she does for them) and she learns to that she's allowed to LOVE HERSELF a little too!
Meena was our youngest daughter's favorite character (played by Tori Kelly...the Elephant).  
She was her favorite because she could sing like nobody else!  She struggles & deals with her stagefright, yet manages to overcome her insecurities to...well, you just have to see the movie!  Our youngest daughter just did her first musical/play and overcame her fear of stagefright & did an amazing job.  Maybe seeing this movie helped her come out of her shell on stage?

My oldest son, who was interested in this movie too (which kind of surprised me), even though he's a full on teenager...loved Scarlett Johansson's Punk Rock Porcupine "Ash", who despite her rough exterior could sing like a lark.  
My oldest daughter's favorite was Johnny, gangster gorilla, who is trying to break free of his family's bad reputation and criminal record, to pursuse his talent (and he really is super talented).  He learns that sometimes, pursuing his passions is the best path to take, regardless of the LIFE his family is telling him he needs to follow.  
He struggles with finding the strength & courage to pursue his passion above all else...
This was my youngest son's favorite character too!
This movie is adorable and if you haven't seen it yet you should...and if you have and you loved it...you should own it on BluRay/DVD/Digital NOW!!  
Or maybe there's a chance you could win a copy, so you'll have it for your own personal movie library!


I'm so excited to tell you that I am giving away 10 copies of this Bluray/DVD/Digital Copy of SING!   This comes with 3 new mini movies as well!  That means (10) One Not So Bored Mommy readers will be able to watch this movie from the comfort of their own living room with their kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, neighbors and friends!
Be sure to check out more about SING right here (CLICK HERE) and ENJOY THE MOVIE & this fun giveaway!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the goodies/Bluray copy of the movie we received for this review/feature!

Monday, April 3, 2017


For our wedding, I didn't want a traditional 
"guest book".   
I guess I'm simply NOT traditional!
I mean, who really looks at their "guest book" after their wedding?  
I probably never would...

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting about our family project/wedding project for our alternative guest book!

So we came up with this idea and I LOVE IT!!  
And I will look at this "guest book" all the time!
When our guests arrive to our wedding, and they are waiting for our ceremony...we will have a table set up with this canvas I created:
(side note: I am a horrible artist, but was super excited about how this turned out!)

Each guest will have three colors of leaves to choose from (I bought a burnt orange, a green and a brown stamp pad):
Then they just simply have to put their thumb print (leave their mark on our family tree) on any branch of their choosing, wipe their finger off, write their name with the little black Sharpie Pen and head to the ceremony, to watch us become HUSBAND & WIFE.

Since the kids were all home together tonight, THIS PROJECT was a fun way to bring us all together, for a few minutes, to be creative as a family unit! 
All eight of our LEAVES are hanging proudly on our FAMILY TREE now!
The tree no longer has bare branches...and the colors are already starting to pop!  
This tree will really fill up when our wedding guests get to FINGER PRINTING!
This will be a piece of ARTWORK that we'll always have in our house to cherish, with leaves of everyone who was a part of our special day, hanging on our "family tree" in our home.
I even bought a little wastebasket at the DollarTree (what can I say, I'm frugal) and dolled it up a bit...found some wipes and even printed out directions on how to "LEAVE THEIR MARK" on our tree.

Do you like this idea of for an alternative to a GUEST BOOK at your wedding?

I was not paid to feature this post!  I purchased everything needed for this project on my own accord and was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my plans for our wedding.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

My First #GIVEAWAY: Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card RIGHT HERE!

Hi guys!  I'm so excited about this new "blended family" blog!
Aren't you?
Are you nodding?
YOU SHOULD BE!  Especially after you hear what I'm about to Give Away!

There were not products sent for this feature.  I purchased the Amazon.com gift card on my own to gift to one lucky "One Not So Bored Mommy Reader" in an attempt to build my following and establish a larger community on facebook/twitter.

In the past, with www.oneboredmommy.com, I used to offer occasional Giveaways of things that I purchased on my own (not offered by a comany or sponsored by anyone else), as a means of thanking you for being AMAZING followers, friends and for just simply being a part of our 
One Not So Bored Mommy Community.

So here it is...MY VERY FIRST #GIVEAWAY on this site!
Because I just want to THANK YOU!
It's super easy to enter to win this $25 Amazon.com gift card.  
Simply follow the directions below to get as many as 7 entries RIGHT NOW, in this giveaway...and more, if you choose to tweet or re-post this daily on Twitter or Facebook.

Think of what you could buy with that $25 Amazon.com Gift Card.  
Tell your friends, enter daily and let's get this party started!!

And while you're here...take a look around!  
We're excited to have you join us!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about this giveaway, that I purchased on my own accord, to build my following on facebook & twitter.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Wedding Crafting Today - DIY - @Mambitweets

If you've been following along, you know that we have a WEDDING that we've been planning for, that is very quickly approaching.  
We are almost to the 1 month away point!
Inhaling right now...taking a very long & deep breath...

No products were sent for this review/feature!  I was not compensated in any way, product or monetary but posting about my honest opinion about these kits I created for our wedding, that I bought on my own accord!
I'm trying to make sure I am as prepared as I can be! 
Since we don't have a wedding coordinator to help with all the coordination & planning, all the little tiny details are up to me.  Because we have a budget to stick to, I've been having fun crafting (as much as I can) so our wedding has a very REAL, very personal feel to it.  

I can almost hear the Lion King's "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" song playing in the background of this post!  Ha Ha!
I came across these Mambi Makers kits at Michaels the other day.  
Let's just say, they were HEAVILY clearanced and I cannot pass up a bargain.  
So I bought them both!!  
I mean, they were like 85% off their retail price and I was super excited!

These Mambi Makers (which I learned stands for "Me And My Big Ideas") craft kits were super easy to do and I had both kits completed (not counting the time it took to print the picture) in about 20 minutes total.   Printing pictures takes a little bit of time...cause our printer is kind of slow!
Not only will these make ideal decorations for our wedding, but great decorations for our home after too.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Mambi Products!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about these products I purchased on my own accord at Michaels.