Monday, March 13, 2017

We'll Be Sippin' In Style At Our Wedding - @MyWonderfulLabels

As you are all well aware, if you've read any of the recent blog post...we are finalizing all of the details for our BIG DAY!
Getting ready to make this BIG Blended Family official!

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about these products.

One little detail that I've been wanting for our day (which is not really NECESSARY, but I think is gosh darn adorable) are "personalized" water bottle labels.  
I came across the most ADORABLE Etsy Store that creates over 608 peel and stick water bottle labels (that are listed currently)...and they even have one, with a burlap design, that goes really well with some of the "accents" to our wedding day!  
I SAID YES to My Wonderful Labels

"Welcome the Mr & Mrs on Burlap water bottle labels".

They arrived today and came in sheets of five labels each.  They were personalized with our names and our wedding date...which I just love!  Everyone is going to love drinking from these water bottles at our wedding!

They are laser printed, so they will not run or smear, which is awesome...because sometimes COLD water bottles condensation can leak through and ruin water bottle labels.  
BUT NOT THESE ONES!  We're good to go!
I cut the labels, even though they are peel and stick, because chances are...I will not be the only person applying the labels to the bottles (we received 145 water bottle labels), so it will be easier to hand our "HELPERS" a stack and have them go PEEL AND STICK crazy!

I am going to remove the original water bottle label from the bottles, but they can be applied over the original label as well.  So if you don't want to go through all the effort of taking all of them off, you don't have to.  
CLICK HERE to see My Wonderful Labels SUPER HUGE assortment of Water Bottle Labels (personalized or not)!  

If you have a special event, baby shower, or even a birthday party...these are reasonably priced and a great (and easy) way to add a personal touch to your event!  
I absolutely LOVE MINE and I am certain you will too!!

I was not paid to post this review/feature!  All products were sent by the company for this review/feature.  No monetary compensation was made for this review/feature!

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