Thursday, March 16, 2017


My eleven year old can't get enough YouTube!  

I have to monitor what she watches (cause we all know there are is PLENTY of raunchy stuff on there), but she really loves watching "VLOGGERS" share their everyday life.
I'll admit, a few of the ones she watches are really entertaining:

 This is Miranda Sings...

She is also Colleen Ballinger...see above!

Now Miranda Sings/Colleen Ballinger is entertaining!  She's silly and odd and funny!   She doesn't share every moment of her day with her fans, but she does share a lot and she does have a CHARACTER that she plays!  She got her start with Disney and her YouTube channel turned into a Netflix TV show...that's in it's second season!
She entertains with her videos, where other YouTubers just simply VLOG about their day!
I get why she is so popular!

  (The family above is one that my daughter LOVES to watch EVERY SINGLE DAY!)

I guess what I don't get, is why we (as AMERICAN'S) are entertained by watching real people, doing real things, on YouTube!  This is, in no way a bash to any of them, who vlog for their careers (I think it's awesome)!  I just don't get it!  These people are making a $$ LIVING...doing nothing but making videos to post on YouTube.  They walk around, all day long, every single day with their camera pointed to their faces & their kids faces...doing normal things like shopping at Target, getting Starbucks, dropping their kids off at school, etc.  They are getting watched by millions of people, which means that they are making a grip of money from the ADS that are posted on their videos...just simply by video taping their daily, normal lives, editing their videos and posting them on YouTube.

How awesome...but how odd too!

I have tried making videos for my product reviews...and it's so awkward...AND TRUST ME, I'm not camera shy when I'm actually being video taped in front of a live audience at a studio.  But me, the camera, and a product I am talking's just not natural, and simply not real entertaining, which is why my videos only get a few hits.  HA!  I need a person to talk to or the video probably won't be all that entertaining!  I mean...I really try to spice it up when I do a video review/feature...but come on, none of my videos have a millions views!  HA!

Is it because I'm not interesting?  No, I don't think so at least!
Is it because the product I'm talking about isn't interesting?  No, most of the products I would do a video for are pretty cool!
Is it because people would rather watch videos where I am interacting with the camera, sharing every intricate detail about myself with the camera... like it's a person and no one else is watching?  PROBABLY!
(this is one vlogger both my boys like watching)

My oldest son watches people playing the video games he plays.  Sometimes they give tips or share tactics!  Sometimes, these vloggers, are just simply playing the game.
WHAT THE HECK?  Why would he want to watch this instead of just playing the game himself?

I love BLOGGING and writing my thoughts and ideas and sharing pictures with you guys!  I don't care if my videos get 1 view or 1000 views.  To me, making sure that I get my point across about the product I am reviewing/featuring is my main goal.  I LOVE the people who have followed me since 2009, when I started blogging...and I understand the passion involved with doing something EVERY SINGLE DAY...just because you love it!
But why?  Why is my daughter's generation, a generation that would rather watch two little girls play with Barbie dolls than actually play Barbies themselves?  I don't understand!

Maybe it's because I'm getting old!  Maybe it's because entertainment (what we used to consider entertainment) was different when I was younger and videos we would watch would be MUSIC VIDEOS!  Instead, we'd watch TV shows and sitcoms (Saved by the Bell, Boy Meets World, Small Wonder, etc.) and those were the people we connected with on TV.
  (my daughter loves watching these adorable twin girls!)

Now, our kids are watching REAL average people (who aren't so average when it comes to their YouTube income), just doing their normal lives on camera.  People we could bump into on the street or even at church.  But are these people the same people that they are on their YouTube channel or is that Vlogging person a character they play?  You know that friendly, excited parent...that super outgoing & creative teenager who it seems like could talk to anyone, anywhere?
Have you met a YouTube star in real life before?  
Did they seem to be the same person they are on their videos, or were they totally different IN REAL LIFE?

What are you thoughts on YouTube Vloggers?  
Do you watch any specific ones?  
Do your kids watch YouTube obsessively?
Who are some of their favorite Vloggers?  
If you don't may want to ask them and find out who exactly they are watching, just to make sure that the videos that they are watching are safe for them to watch!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting my honest opinions about this topic!

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