Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Best Hawaiian Sea Salt Soap EVER - @KopaKauai

My soon to be "in laws" just spent an entire month on the Island of Kauai.  
Rough right?  
They are retired, so they are enjoying it to the fullest!  

All products for this review/feature were gifted to me by my future inlaws from their trip to Kauai, this is not a sponsored post in anyway.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinon about this soap.

Not only did they come back exceptionally relaxed, refreshed and tan...but they came back with a great smelling gift for me from KopaKauai!
 I had a choice of a few scents they brought back, but the Eucalyptus Lime scent SeaSalt Soap was my absolute favorite.  It is light, refreshing and revitalizing!  
The others smelled great too, but this is the one that caught my attention the most!
I couldn't wait to take a bath and try this new circular bar of SeaSalt soap out for myself.
We just finished some "SPRING" yard work...hedge trimming, weeding the beds and adding some new colorful bark to the front beds this afternoon...and so I was in desperate need of a revitalizing bath.  I thought to myself, "now's my chance to try it out and see if it lives up to all the hype that my "soon to be" Mother In Law told me about".
First off, I wish we had smell o' vision, because this soap smells so awesome.  I love the scent of eucalyptus, because it opens my sinuses, and after doing yard work in the spring...I NEED THAT!  I love the slight bitterness & citrus of the lime in the scent as well.  This is the perfect soap to use, to refresh or even to help wake you up first thing in the morning!
This KopaKauai SeaSalt soap creates a slight lather...and it leaves your skin with a hint of ecualyptus lime too!  It also doesn't leave a residue when you store it on your bathtub rim!  AWESOME!
CLICK HERE to check out their Etsy store and see the entire selection of Hawaiian Sea Salt Soaps!  
They would make a great gift, stocking stuffer or to have in your home, to bring a touch of Kauai for everyday use!   

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in anyway, as this product was purchased by my mother in law and not sent by the company being featured!  

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