Monday, March 20, 2017

SPRING BREAK - Day 1 - A DAY In San Diego

My four kiddo's Spring Break from school started this week and we already enjoyed a day full of fun & sunshine.
No products were offered for this feature!  I was not given any monetary compensation by posting about our time in San Diego today!
Because I'm not a mom that likes to sit at home and waste the days away, but would rather get the kids out to be active and breathing in lots of fresh air...WE VENTURED OUT today, to see what kind of adventure we could find!  
My main goal for our day?  
TO HAVE FUN & try to not spend a lot of money in the process!
Our first stop on the agenda?  
If you've never been before, it's well worth the $10 you pay for a 7 day pass to get into the National Park.
Not only will you get to FIRST HAND enjoy all the sea life that the tide pools have to offer, but you'll enjoy some fresh ocean air, the relaxing sound of the waves crashing into the shore and NATURE galore.
My oldest daughter found a poor fish that was partially eaten by a seagull...(she took it from the seagull)...and we all had a good laugh!
We played with Sea Anemones...and if you've never had one give your FINGER a totally need to experience it.  This was, by far, the most that we have been able to enjoy the tide pools.  We just got lucky that it was low tide when we got there today...and we could venture out and see all the fun sea life, that the tidepools had to offer us!  It's like nothing you can imagine!  

We walked and enjoyed makeshift stairs, a lighthouse, some history lessons about the war, the rocks & cliffs, the wild flowers, the sand, several little creatures and mainly just being together.  If the pictures don't capture how much fun the kids have just being out in the open, then I don't know what does...
After having a quick snack in the back of the van...(it's always a good idea to pack some snacks while you're taking a day trip out, because guaranteed...they will get HANGRY if you don't!)...we headed to Old Town San Diego!
Old Town is full of FESTIVE COLORS, history & homemade tortillas.

We ended up, after lots of debating (four kids have lots of opinions about food), eating at THE OLDEST Hotel in Old Town San Diego's Restaurant (The Cosmopolitan...which is known to be haunted).  
We enjoyed our food and the whole experience...and left full & happy.

Finally, we headed to Gaslamp District and Horton Plaza...and I have to admit, I was disappointed!  When I was in my twenties, that place was THE SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS of San Diego.  Sadly, many storefronts are empty and there was hardly anyone shopping on a Monday afternoon.  Even the people working in the stores were bored stiff, because it was basically a ghost town.  We made the best of it, and the kids played a little CHESS too. was a busy FIRST DAY of Spring & their first day of SPRING BREAK!  I can't wait to see what fun we will have for the rest of the week...
If you're ever in the San Diego area with your kids, there is plenty of FUN, "CHEAP" activities you can do with them, to get them out of VIDEO GAME LAND and into the great outdoors.
What are your plans for your kid's SPRING BREAK?
Are they off this week & next week too?
Leave a comment below!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about anything we did or saw today.  All experiences were paid for on my own behalf.

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