Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Soft & Sweet Lips With #Vegan YUMMY STICKS By @Lypsyl

I hate having chapped lips.  It's the WORST!

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about these products.

I find myself picking or licking my lips when my lips are dry.  I try to constantly keep something on them to keep them moisturized, but sometimes I forget...and they get dried out, cracked and painful even.   The same goes for my girls.  I think it's important for LADIES especially, to keep their lips soft and supple.  
Lipstick doesn't go on smooth or evenly, if you have chapped lips either! 
And even more important:
NO ONE wants to kiss you with SAND PAPER Lips.  Just saying...
So when Lypsyl contacted me about trying out their new YUMMY STICKS...I was excited to test them out.  My girls love products that they are allowed to take with them to school (since makeup isn't a daily routine yet), that not only helps their lips stay moisturized, but also smells/tastes great.  
Admit it...when you put on lip balm, you lick your lips after.  
Sometimes lip balms simply don't taste good.  
The good news about Lypsyl YUMMY STICKS, is that not only do they smell good,  
they taste okay too!
My youngest daughter loved the Sea Salt and Carmel YUMMY STICK
 My oldest daughter loved the Sweet Mint and Basil YUMMY STICK.  
I really enjoyed the Passion Fruit & Chocolate (I mean, who can go wrong with that combination?) YUMMY STICK.
Lypsyl has over 100 years experience with Swedish Lip Care and these Yummy Sticks are Vegan Friendly.  They do not contain water.  They are perservative and paraben free.  
They have also been dermatologically tested for safety.
CLICK HERE to learn more about these Lypsyl Yummy Sticks and perhaps your daughters will be tucking them in their backpacks to take to school too!  
I know mine were excited to!

This was not a paid product review/feature.  The only compensation I received was the actual product sent for this review/feature!  All opinions expressed are my own!

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