Monday, March 20, 2017

SAVE $$ Using All Natural Coconut Oil For Your SkinCare Needs - @Nutiva

I've read so many articles lately about the benefits of using coconut oil for all kinds of things. 

All products for this feature were purchased on our own accord.  We were not offered any monetary compensation by posting our honest opinions about this product!

It seems that Coconut Oil is the UNIVERSAL product (as long as it's pure, organic and non-GMO) we all should be using.

We bought this Nutiva Coconut Oil several months ago and honestly, we haven't used it too much.  We have used it for swishing (it's good for dental hygiene) and in the kitchen (because it's good to use in different recipes), but I never thought to use it as a FACIAL MOISTURIZER.

But then, I tried it...and so far...I really, really like it!


I have been applying a generous amount at bedtime (all over my face)...because no one will see my very GREASY face when I'm sleeping and my skin can absorb all the benefits that this Nutiva Coconut Oil offers.  It's a win!

I also have been applying some in the morning (but not nearly as much), under my makeup (around my eyes, face, forehead scowl marks, etc.).  I've noticed that using this coconut oil under my makeup (especially with my concealer), makes the application of the makeup easier and my face just seems healthy & nourished all day long!  

Who would have thought that such a simple thing like Coconut Oil could offer me a facial moisturizer, in a natural way, for a lot less $$ than I was paying for other facial products.  Plus, you can use it on your entire body too!  The summer months are coming, when our skin needs some extra moisture (because we are spending more time in the sunshine).  

LOVE IT!!  Any way to save a penny or two is totally WORTH it to me!   
Plus, I'm gaining all the benefits that coconut oil offers...besides it being a natural moisturizer.
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Do you use coconut oil for facial moisturizer?
What else to you use coconut oil for?

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way.  This product was purchased on our own accord!

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