Sunday, March 12, 2017

Our FAILED Plans Turned Into A Great Day Anyway...

When I first got divorced, my kids and I were always on the go on "MY WEEKENDS".  We had passes to Knotts Berry Farm and we lived 50 minutes from the beach.  It wasn't uncommon for us to pack a bag of snacks & waters and head out of our townhouse for an entire day of fun and adventure.  Honestly, some days we didn't end up where we were planning to go (couldn't find a place to park, couldn't find the place we intended to go, etc.), but regardless, the kids and I always (ALWAYS) made the best of the trip and found something positive to enjoy out of the day out.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting my honest opinions about the things we experienced, all of which we did on our own accord.
So yesterday, I had planned all week to take my kids to see the Flower Fields of Carlsbad.  I have been seeing pictures all over FACEBOOK of the beautiful flowers and I couldn't wait to see them (I love flowers).  My co-workers told me they have been, it was free, so pretty and I should totally go.  I didn't even think to check to see what flowers might be blooming, if it cost to take the tour or when they are harvesting their flower crops...I was already picturing all the PHOTOS I would be taking!
Poor planning on my part...and I can own that!
We packed up the Honda Odyssey (which by the way, was the smartest investment we have made as a blended family and is probably worthy of a blog post of it's own) and headed out for a 
"NOT SO BORING" adventure.
We found a parking spot when we arrived, which in itself served to be quite a task...because this place was hopping busy.  I was certain this was going to be a beautiful, colorful experience for us all.   We headed over to where it seemed the "tram" leaves from or the tour begins and realized that it cost!  It didn't cost like a dollar either, we're talking about the cost of a matinee movie theater experience.  The other thing we noticed was...there were NO FLOWERS.  I am not kidding!  Off the freeway, we caught the glimpse of a planted area that was in the shape of an American Flag (see picture above), so I got excited...thinking that was just the start...but sadly, it seems that yesterday wasn't the perfect day to go see the Flower Fields of Carlsbad, because their fields were not in full bloom.  
They had either harvested the fields or they just haven't bloomed yet.  
SUCH A BUMMER!  And yeah, all laughs on me, that we drove all the way there to see flowers and the only flowers we really saw were the ones in the parking lot (see picture above)!  HA HA!
Mama can own that!

But that's okay.  Like I said, I have kids that rebound well...and my fiancee is pretty laid back too.  I AM SO THANKFUL!!  So we packed back into the minivan and drove to Carlsbad State Beach.  Honestly, my kids LOVE THE BEACH!  I LOVE THE BEACH!  My fiancee isn't really FOND of the beach, but he tolerates it, because he knows how much we LOVE IT!  We had a couple chairs in the back of the van, because we are always prepared for a baseball game, so aside from bathing suits, we were BEACH READY!
We enjoyed the coolness of the weather, the beachy breeze, the waves, the sand and all things that the BEACH always offers our souls.  The beach is where I really see my oldest son BLOSSOM.  Especially when he can get in the water.  Today though, there was no swimming...but they still had a blast.  Of course, the youngest pants were pretty soaked when we packed up to leave.
After we got our fill of the sand and salty ocean air, we headed to the Carlsbad PREMIUM Outlet.  
A few of my kids are true shoppers...and then a few of them are not.  
Thank goodness for their electronics.  We hit a great sale at Nike outlet (an additional 20% off their I scored a pair of shoes for the youngest for $17 out the door) and even Vans had a deal we couldn't pass up.  By this time, we were starting to get HANGRY for dinner (notice my oldest son's shopping excitement in the picture above?)...
So we headed to THE OLD SPAGHETTI FACTORY.  If you have never eaten there, you should.  They have a cheese that is even better than Parmesan (and we are a family that LOVES cheese).  It's called Mazithra (a traditional Greek whey cheese that has been enjoyed in Greece for thousands of years.├éMizithra is manufactured from milk and whey) and it is so good!  I grew up with a mom who had severe food allergies and this was one dish, she could eat, when we were out...the Browned Garlic Butter and Mazithra Cheese spaghetti.  
It's bomb!  
Their meals also include a salad, and a little bowl of vanilla or spumoni ice cream.  
We all got our fill, loaded back in the van and headed home to snuggle & watch SING before bedtime!
I just love how we were able to take a FLOP of a plan (since obviously the flowers weren't blooming) and turn it into the BEST DAY!  We were all exhausted, but we also spent the entire day out of the house, in the open air and spending time together.  LOVE IT!  
We just simply love doing LIFE together...and that is NICE!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about our entire day experience in Carlsbad.

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  1. I like this post, you look so happy and that is great. By the way, me and my daughter- we both love beach as well, this is the place to have fun, play and relax =)

    Regards, Kelly from Job Searching Mom Blog