Friday, March 24, 2017

Going To Brag A Moment - Why I Love My Job

One of the reasons, besides the obvious BLENDING of families, that I decided to change the name of my blog is because...
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about my current employment with Chilis!

Aside from juggling the schedule of four kids of my own, and helping to juggle two "bonus" kids schedules (this involves 5 different schools and extra curricular activities for several), keeping up the house, laundry & other motherly duties and blogging...

I also work outside the much as I Chili's!  
Which means that I am definitely ONE NOT SO BORED MOMMY!
It all started like this:

About 3 1/2 years ago, I ventured out into the work force.  I was busy handing out my resume (with literally no outside work experience on it, with the exception of being a stay at home mommy) to any job opening I could find in my town.  I was pretty desperate to find something!  My application was sent out everywhere and I was hearing nothing back from any of the jobs I'd applied for.  I had applied at Chilis for their "DISHWASHER" position and went by one day to follow up, in hopes of shaking hands with someone who would remember my face/name and possibly give me the chance to get my foot in the door.  Lucky for me, the General Manager of the Chili's I went in was at the hostess stand and proceeded to hear my plea for employment.  I explained that I had applied for the dishwasher position and really knew I could do a great job at it.  He shook his head "NO" at me and I proceeded to explain, "But I'm a mom of four and I've literally been washing dishes since I was two!  I can do this job!"  He continued to shake his head NO at me.  At this point, I was feeling pretty defeated...especially when he asked, "Have you washed dishes in a restaurant before?"  I had a feeling that this opportunity had literally washed itself down the drain...but lucky for me, he instead said, "I have a need for a hostess and I think you'd make a much better hostess than a dishwasher!"  

After going back in for a job interview and some training...I became the "HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS" at that Chili's.  I wore a red bow on my headband and greeted every single person that walked in the door with a smile on my face and delight in my heart.  I was so excited to be working again...and to have the chance to not only make the first impression on everyone who entered our restaurant, but to set the tone for their entire experience.  To me, being the hostess was a fun job.  Almost like therapy for me, having the chance to chat with other adults and even gain some friendships with fellow co-workers.  

P.S.  I have the UTMOST respect for anyone who is a DISHWASHER in a restaurant too.  It's one of the hardest, dirtiest jobs in the restaurant.  I give total props to anyone who can do that job!

A year into my job, I was delighted to have the opportunity to train up to become a Server.  They sent me on the fast track to serving and I've been doing that ever since.  It's different than hosting...because instead of greeting and then leaving people, I get to deveop a relationship with them (momentarily of course), while they enjoy their meal with us.  I get to make sure they are completely satsified, filled to the brim, and excited to come back to eat with us again...everytime I walk up to a table to start their drinks and take their order.  

I know for some people, serving in a restaurant seems miniscule.  Maybe it is!  But to me, it's more than that!  It's a way for me to cheer up that person having a bad day, to maybe offer some parenting advice to that mom that looks like she's topped off at the moment, or even to know that I may be the reason they want to come back and eat with us again.  And come on, you have to admit that you love it when you dine out and your server does an excellent job taking care of you and your family, right?  

We just had an "ALL TEAM" meeting last week and I was surprised (really surprised) to receive an ATL (Above The Line Recognition) for my service.  Really, it's just a pat on the back & public recognition for a job well done.  I didn't receive money or gifts with it.  I was floored, because, apparently...not only do I love my job, but people I am serving seem to enjoy the service I do give when I'm working.   So much so, that they want and intend to come back and eat with us again, because I served them well.   I was honored to be recognized and this just motivates me even more to keep up my efforts in serving people well...

Anyway, I am not sure I have ever shared about my OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE job with you guys before, how I started working for Chili's or how I feel about it when I get to there you go!  We have a great team, at the restaurant that I am at now, and managers that appreciate a job well done...which is encouraging!  They are understanding with my "not so bored" schedule and it's been a delight to work for Chili's these past few years...and hopefully many more to come!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about how I got my employment, nor about the award I received. 

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