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@BasherScience - Science And Games All In One With Rocks And Minerals

Something you may or may not know about our "SOON TO BE BLENDED FAMILY"...

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not compensated monetarilty in any way, by posting my honest opinion about these products!

For us, playing board games is a way for us to spend quality time with our kids, and for our six kids to spend quality time with each other, in a healthy and family bonding way!  Some games turn into "actual battles" (like Risk or Pandemic), while others we play when we are feeling in silly moods (like Beat the Parents)!  It's fun to have different options to help our family actually communicate and cooperate with each other.
Basher Science contacted us about a new game they wanted us to review/feature for them, that is a partnership with Mattel.  This game is a little different than most of the ones we play, because this one involves some educational elements to it.  This one will make you think...use your brain power...and your knowledge of "rocks and minerals".  
We received more than just the "Rocks and Minerals" Card Game.  We also received a couple of expansion packs (which includes characters and extra playing cards for our deck), as well as a book (see picture above), a poster and even stickers.
This card game, which seems pretty simple, can be played in two separate ways.  
 First, you can play it like a card battle game.  The cards have different numbers (strengths) as well as different powers on the bottom.  So you basically play the cards to battle each other.  The first one to score four wins, WIN!!  The fun part of about this game is that even if you have a strong card, the other person can play a card with a power that can eliminate their win.  It's fun!  You have to think on your feet and it's really a race to see who can get to four the quickest.
 The second way you can play the game, is basically like a game of memory...but harder!  You match the cards based on the description of each ROCK AND MINERAL.  If you aren't listening or don't understand how the two cards are similiar, you may not get a match.  
Our first time around, I scored ZERO!  HA HA!
But I'm really bad with my facts about rocks and minerals and my memory of card placement wasn't great either.  I still enjoyed learing how to play this card game (both ways).

Our youngest though, really loved the MEMORY style of this game.  
He and his "soon to be" step dad played against each other and HE WON!  

You could really see the concentration on his face, as he read the cards (some of the words were pretty tricky) and tried to remember and understand what each one said and how they might match up.  I LOVE THIS!  You could totally see the wheels spinning as played his turns.  
The best part about this game, in my opinion?  If we play it enough, we will really learn a lot about Rocks and Minerals.  It takes scientific facts and puts them in a game form, which is AWESOME!!  There are expansion packs available too, which means, the more you buy, the more you'rell learn...and the more options there are for your "game play".  
The minifigures for the Rocks and Minerals game are adorable and one of our expansion packs came with a cute little carry case, so our youngest can take it with him to school if he wants to.  
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If your child likes ROCKS and MINERALS and likes to play games, this might be the perfect combination for your family!  
Plus, it will give you a little extra "quality time", while you're playing a game together as a family!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!

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