Monday, February 27, 2017

@ArtifactUprising - Displaying Our Favorite Photos At Our Wedding

If you couldn't tell from reading this blog...I am a bit obsessed with photos.  
I especially like to capture photos of my kids and our "soon to be" blended family together!  

Artifcact Uprising offered me a $25 credit to their website only, for this review/feature of one of their products.  I was not offered any monetary compensation.  I also had to personally pay the remainder & shipping on my own accord to get these photos delivered!

I've watched such a transformation, especially in my kids smiles over the past couple years and it's something that warms my heart all the way, to see documented in photos.  It's can actually see happiness and peace all over their faces and this makes me exceptionally happy!  
You have no idea how happy this makes me!

So as we plan for our wedding...I'm still trying to find unique ways to display things like, our pictures, that will be something that not only I will love the look of, but that everyone who attends will cherish too.  I don't want them "just for the wedding" either.  If I'm going to put money out, the stuff for the wedding needs to be something we can use for our family after the wedding too!  
I'm trying to be as resourceful as I can be...financially!
I found a website called Artifact Uprising.  They do amazing invitations, beautiful birthday announcements, drop dead gorgeous wall hangings, brilliant photo reprints, photo books, etc.  
I just love their stuff!  
Since we have so many pictures of happy moments over the past 2 1/2 years together, I had a hard time choosing just 25 photos to have printed...but I managed!  
I selected some of my favorites (that were uploaded to my instagram account) that were probably taken recently, but I feel are a good representation of moments and smiles that have been created out of the sweetest moments of our "BLENDING" so far.  
I ordered the Square Photo Print Set.  
The best part, it was super easy to upload, because I basically connected my instagram account to their website and selected the photos I wanted printed.  
Added them to my cart, paid and waited for them to arrive!
This box arrived and it came on a day that it was literally downpouring.  Ughhh!  
I was afraid that it may have damaged some of the pictures inside, but luckily for me, they package these photos in such an amazing way.  And phew, I am super thankful too!
Inside this box were 25 of my favorite memories, printed on heavy, cardstock like paper.  
They have a matte finish and also a white border. 
These are perfect for our wedding and even for our home after! The box they came in can be used for storage of them too, it even has a place to write on the outside, what is tucked sweetly inside. 
To say I love these prints is to put it mildly!  These will be displayed one way or another during our reception.  My oldest daughter thinks I should make something like this pinterest pin we found, that uses the pictures as a table runner on our "head table" (see pin below).  
But I also think it would be cute to use clothes pins and display them strung up above our desert table.  Such a dilema, but a great one to have!  I really am not sure how they will be displayed, but they will most definitely be proudly highlighted during our reception.  
I just know everyone will love them too!

How do you think I should use these Square Photo Prints in our wedding reception?  
Have any ideas?

CLICK HERE to learn more about Artifact Uprising and if you have a special events coming up, you need invites for,  you're having a baby and want unique birth announcements (they just started making them), maybe you're planning a wedding & need some awesome invites or you want to have a photo book'll be shopping there too!  TRUST ME!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was offered a $25 store credit to use towards any purchase in their online store.  I had to pay the remainder as well as the shipping on my own!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

@BasherScience - Science And Games All In One With Rocks And Minerals

Something you may or may not know about our "SOON TO BE BLENDED FAMILY"...

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not compensated monetarilty in any way, by posting my honest opinion about these products!

For us, playing board games is a way for us to spend quality time with our kids, and for our six kids to spend quality time with each other, in a healthy and family bonding way!  Some games turn into "actual battles" (like Risk or Pandemic), while others we play when we are feeling in silly moods (like Beat the Parents)!  It's fun to have different options to help our family actually communicate and cooperate with each other.
Basher Science contacted us about a new game they wanted us to review/feature for them, that is a partnership with Mattel.  This game is a little different than most of the ones we play, because this one involves some educational elements to it.  This one will make you think...use your brain power...and your knowledge of "rocks and minerals".  
We received more than just the "Rocks and Minerals" Card Game.  We also received a couple of expansion packs (which includes characters and extra playing cards for our deck), as well as a book (see picture above), a poster and even stickers.
This card game, which seems pretty simple, can be played in two separate ways.  
 First, you can play it like a card battle game.  The cards have different numbers (strengths) as well as different powers on the bottom.  So you basically play the cards to battle each other.  The first one to score four wins, WIN!!  The fun part of about this game is that even if you have a strong card, the other person can play a card with a power that can eliminate their win.  It's fun!  You have to think on your feet and it's really a race to see who can get to four the quickest.
 The second way you can play the game, is basically like a game of memory...but harder!  You match the cards based on the description of each ROCK AND MINERAL.  If you aren't listening or don't understand how the two cards are similiar, you may not get a match.  
Our first time around, I scored ZERO!  HA HA!
But I'm really bad with my facts about rocks and minerals and my memory of card placement wasn't great either.  I still enjoyed learing how to play this card game (both ways).

Our youngest though, really loved the MEMORY style of this game.  
He and his "soon to be" step dad played against each other and HE WON!  

You could really see the concentration on his face, as he read the cards (some of the words were pretty tricky) and tried to remember and understand what each one said and how they might match up.  I LOVE THIS!  You could totally see the wheels spinning as played his turns.  
The best part about this game, in my opinion?  If we play it enough, we will really learn a lot about Rocks and Minerals.  It takes scientific facts and puts them in a game form, which is AWESOME!!  There are expansion packs available too, which means, the more you buy, the more you'rell learn...and the more options there are for your "game play".  
The minifigures for the Rocks and Minerals game are adorable and one of our expansion packs came with a cute little carry case, so our youngest can take it with him to school if he wants to.  
CLICK HERE to check out this game at TARGET!  

If your child likes ROCKS and MINERALS and likes to play games, this might be the perfect combination for your family!  
Plus, it will give you a little extra "quality time", while you're playing a game together as a family!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!

Friday, February 24, 2017

This Is Us - If You Haven't Watched This Show...You're Truly Missing Out

We live in such a horribly messed up world!  
People killing people!
This world is full of so much anger and hate!  
People hurting people (emotionally, physically, spiritually, completly)!

It breaks my heart to think about it!  

But here's the thing...this new show on NBC called "This Is Us" is something that can really move people (in the heart)...make people think...and could actually cause some positive changes in the way people think.
This SHOW deserves so many awards!

Why?  You ask me?

Because the show shares each of the characters vulnerabilities & insecurities (we all have them).  It shows the character is not perfect, has quirks, has strengths and even has a need for one another.  Even the lonliest people need something that this world is lacking MOST right now... LOVE...and lots of it!
I just posted this on Facebook today:
"Do you guys realize why This Is Us is such a great show? One that people all over have fallen in love with? Because the stories that they share not only show human vulnerability...weakness...faults...but SO MUCH LOVE! And we honestly live in a world that is LACKING so much of it! It's hard to put into words, but I think I realize that despite the struggles of our lives (and we all have plenty...and different types), what really MATTERS...deep LOVE! Especially the LOVE of family! It's the best, deepest, truest type, given from the deepest parts of our souls. I just love this show... *sniff* *sniff*"
Anyway, I am just overwhelmed with emotion every time I watch this show and I know I'm not alone!  But it's always honestly, in the purest, deepest, best sort of way!  It grabs my heart, grips it and squeezes the tears right out of my eyes almost every single episode!

So all I'm saying is...WATCH THIS SHOW!  Start at the beginning...because you need to watch every single episode of this show to understand and grasp the deepness of it all.  

What the world needs is LOVE!  More love!  But with that being said, more than anything, we need to realize that most of the LOVE we truly need starts at our family...with the ones who go through all the good and bad times with us! 

WATCH IT!  You'll thank me later!  If you're already watching it...let me know your thoughts below!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting my honest opinions about this tv show.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Our Dog's Newest Craving - @MilkBone Farmer's Medley Biscuits #NationalDogBiscuitDay

Our dog is the best dog ever!  
Okay, I may be a little biased, but I sure love that good ol' boy!  
He's getting older now, so we are getting pickier and pickier about what we will feed him!  The cheaper dog food & dog treats aren't always the best option for him, especially with his aging bones and muscles.  

But our dog (like all dogs) loves treats, and honestly, we all love giving him a "little treat" here or there...  

All products for this review/feature were provided by the client.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinions about the MilkBone products provided!

He's just one of the sweetest dogs! 
Did you know that Thursday, February 23rd, is #NationalDogBiscuitDay ?  
I had no idea that even existed...but I get to share more about that and the awesome new MilkBone Farmer's Medley Biscuits that Milk Bone has created!
MilkBone sent us a package that included three different varieties of of Farmer's Medley Biscuits!  What's different about these biscuits?  They are made with USA-sourced meat!  There is no fillers (gross, totally gaag worthy stuff), no corn and no artificial flavors or preservatives!  
We received three of their Grain FreeWhole Grain options!  
We layed out all three flavors:

Farmer’s Medley™ Grain Free With Turkey & Pumpkin Biscuits

We were curious which one he would eat first!  
He started with the Turkey & Pumpkin one.  Maybe because it had a different scent and taste than anything he's tried before?  HE LOVED IT!  
Then he ate the Chicken Biscuit and gobbled it down!  
Finally, he at the Beef Biscuit and he didn't even take a breath, because he scarfed it down so quickly!   They are the most adorable BITE SIZE portion, so they don't take long to eat!  
I'd say, he was a fan of all three flavors!  
I'm a fan too, because I know that when I give him a treat, for being a good boy, I am not giving him something that is potentially harmful to his body, is huge & might be too much of a treat, or is full of stuff that offers no nutritional value to his body.  Our goal is to keep him young, healthy and vibrant as long as we can, so healthy treats are the BEST KIND OF TREATS for him!
So not only did our dog get to do a taste testing of these new Milk Bone Farmer's Medley Biscuits, but he also got some pretty cool new swag too!  
Swag that got him playing & running around, which he needs to do in his older age!  
The best part about these Milk Bone Farmer's Medley Biscuits is that they are budget friendly too!  With a family the size of our's, our dog's treats have to be reasonably priced or they won't even be a be completely honest!  Now our budget can feel satisfied about us purchasing these as well, as it won't bankrupt us to buy our dog healthier dog treats!  
What's your "GO TO" brand for dog treats?  
Do you check the ingredients before you buy them for your puppy or dog? 
What would be a draw, to buy or try something new for your dog?  
Would knowing that you're providing your dog with a more nutritional snack be KEY? 
Does PRICE matter, when buying your dog's treats? 

Next time you're in the market to buy dog treats, because you're doggy has run out or maybe just has earned the right to a should consider MilkBone Farmer's Medley Biscuits.
CLICK HERE to learn more now!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

@Batteroo - Extend Your Battery Life For Those Important Moments You Don't Wanna Miss

As you know, we are getting married in a couple months...which means that I am in FULL wedding prep mode!!  One thing is certain, there will be lots of pictures taken on the day of our event, both by myself, the people at the wedding and the photographers being hired to capture the moments of the day.  

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about these products!

Do you know what else that means?  I need lots of batteries!  Why?  A smart BRIDE is always prepared & my camera (which I love) takes four AA batteries.   Typically the batteries don't hold a charge long enough to capture all the moments of a day (when we are attending an event) without having to switch them out a couple of times.  And typically, I don't use cheap batteries in my camera, because the cheap ones won't even power up my camera or can only last for a picture or two (with flash) until they are dead.  
I'm not joking!  It's LAME & expensive!  
So that means that over time, I have spent LOTS of $$ on batteries...and I'm trying really hard to stick to a strict budget for the wedding...and batteries are really not on that list, if I can help it!
That's where BATTEROO Boost comes into play for our special day!
What if I told you that there is a product on the market now that will extend the life of or maximize the life of your batteries, just by slipping on the little metal sleeves?  
How can and will this change the frequency of how often you need to buy or change out batteries in your home?
With six kids who love to play on their Wii, love using remotes (all which takes multiple batteries) and even a mommy who loves taking pictures (a lot)...having a way to drastically or even somewhat extend the life of the batteries in each product would be a financial WIN for our family.  
Not just for the wedding day, but everyday!
It's so simple to use!!  
You basically put the thin metal Batteroo Boost sleeve over the battery and then insert it back into whatever device you are using.
Like I said before, I typically use a decent "brand" of battery in our remotes and especially in my camera, so they don't die quickly or as often...but using these Batteroo Boost sleeves will cause even less waste and help the environment in the long run, my extending my batteries ability to the max.
This definitely makes me a happy mommy and soon to be BRIDE too!
I have these Batteroo Boost sleeves on the batteries in my camera currently and can't wait to see how long they really make my current batteries last!  I'll be thrilled if I can get through more than one session or event (using the flash) without having to change the batteries!  I'll even be more thrilled if these Batteroo Boost sleeves will tap into my batteries potential and save me from having to change the batteries out during our WEDDING DAY!
CLICK HERE to learn more about Batteroo Boost and why this might be a "PLANET FRIENDLY" option for your household too.  
If you have a house full of children, have any products that use batteries or find yourself having to constantly have extra batteries on hand (just in case)...this might be just the product you've been hoping for too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for this review/feature!