Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Let's Talk Weather - A Video Chat With Me

It's January in Southern California, and I honestly know I have nothing to complain about when it comes to the weather...and I know how desperately we need the rain, so we are not in drought this coming summer...

But I CAN'T help it!  

Having lived in other parts of the US, I understand what it's like to go months on end without seeing Mr. Sun shine through the dark and dreary clouds.  
Trust me...a little sunshine goes a long way with me!

Here's my I am dealing with yet another MORNING full of rainy weather:
Do you love the rain?
Do you enjoy the break from the sunshine and the cool down that it brings with it?
Would you survive well living somewhere, where there was more rainy days than sunny days?

I know that GOD wired me to love the sunshine...and I do!  I love my flip flops year round, vitamin D being absorbed by my skin everyday and the lack of needing to turn a light on in the house in the middle of the day, because it's so dark and dreary inside.

Just can share your thoughts in the comments section if you'd like!  
I'd love to hear how you feel.  
Maybe you think I'm a huge whiny baby!  
Maybe you understand and agree with me!  
Maybe the weather changes don't effect your mood at all...I mean, we are all different, right?

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way, by any company, but sharing my thoughts on the weather and how it effects my mood!

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