Monday, January 30, 2017

Bangin' Eyes And Soft Touch MakeUp Bag To Boot... @HardCandyLife

As you know, I am a mom that loves to learn more about makeup application, loves to try out new makeup & even new makeup techniques.  In fact, our oldest daughter isn't allowed to wear makeup till high school, but she has a blast "learning" how to apply makeup, and she uses me as her "test dummy" most of the time.  

All products for this review/feature were sent free fo charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about the products being featured!

It's fun to accentuate things with makeup, right?
Got great lips?  Line them and wear a lush color that will make them look amazing!
Got gorgeous eyes?  Line them with dark or colorful eyeliner and make them pop!
Are your eyebrows too light or too thin?  Pencil those babies in and love your bushy brows!
HARD CANDY, as you have heard me talk about a lot recently, is a makeup line that is fun, inexpensive (sold at Walmart and such) and offers fun, unique and cutting edge products.  
They sent me a couple fun products to check out!
We received the new "Kajal Supreme" Eyeliner Duo.  I LOVE THIS!!  
I am learning to apply liquid eyeliner to my top lids.  I can't say I have my technique perfected, but everyday I get a little better.  I have always worn the soft kajal (or crayon) type liner on my lower inner rim.  When I do this, my eyes are one of the first things you notice about me, at least I think so!  It's one of the things I get complimented on the most about my face...people love my eyes!
This eyeliner has one side that is the soft Kajal style liner (it rolls in and out), that is like a crayon.  I used this side for my bottom rim.  The other side is the liquid liner.  This I used to outline my top lid.  Because it's black, it accentuates my eyes and really gives them a bold look.  I'm not good at doing the wing or really doing any other tricks with eyeliner besides lining my actual rim, but I admire girls that can do these techniques.  For the cost of this liner, I would definitely buy this!  Especially since you get a bit of both the liquid and the crayon style liner in one.
I also received the Soft Touch Medium Cosmetic "LITTLE HOTTIE".  This bag is soft, bright and has pockets for both makeup (on one side) and brushes (on the other side).  It's spacious too, because my contour and concealer pallets are not small & they fit great!  I LOVE THIS!!  That way you don't have to shove everything into one (sometimes this causes damage to your brushes).  I love this makeup bag!!

For tips on how to organize your makeup bag: CLICK HERE
After all my HARD CANDY product review posts, I'm curious...have you gone out and bought any Hard Candy products yet?  What are you waiting for?  Their product line is priced affordable, they work great and they can give you a boost in your current "look" if it's time for a change or even a slight update.  It's fun...trying new things out and experimenting with different makeup looks & techniques.  You never know, you may really come to enjoy not only different ways of wearing your makeup, but also fall in love with Hard Candy products too.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!

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