Tuesday, November 29, 2016

#GivingTuesday - @LoveWaterOrg turns #CoffeeIntoWater

One cup of Starbucks coffee costs about $4, right?
How often do you grab a "hot cup of joe" and have no issue paying the price for that cup of instant caffeine satisfaction?  
What if your coffee wasn't brewed with fresh, clean water?

No products were sent for this feature!  No compensation was offered for this feature!  This company is a non-profit charity, providing clean water to places that don't have it.
Do you realize how many people, around the world are without CLEAN WATER?  
A cause I've supported from almost the start, is LoveWater.org.  Why?  
Just because we live in the US, where clean water is expected and not necessarily appreciated, doesn't mean that there are people all over the GLOBE serving their family up "unfit to drink" water.   It's so sad and SO GROSS!  I can't even imagine digging a hole and offering my kids a drink of whatever I can suck out of it...knowing that there are diseases and sickness coming along with it.  
We are so very fortunate!  
Think about it the next time you're in the Starbucks drive thru!
So for today, it's the least I can ask, for you to consider donating your $4 coffee money towards a charity that will put it to good use.  
This $4 contribution will provide a person CLEAN WATER for an entire year!  
Yes, you read that right!  

What are you waiting for?

It's so easy!  CLICK HERE and please join us, as we participate in #givingtuesday with #coffeeintowater with LoveWater.org!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not comensated in any way by posting my honest opinion about this non profit organization.  I personally donated $4 and I am asking my readers to do the same!

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